Black Sports : Dana White & Joe Rogan Boast About Ronda Rousey With Amnesia

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    Dana White Says There's Never Been a Combat Athlete Like Ronda Rousey

    July 6, 2014

    There has never been a combat athlete like Ronda Rousey since the beginning of time, according to Dana White.

    Like the rest of the world, the UFC President was absolutely stunned by Rousey’s 16-second knockout win over Alexis Davis at UFC 175. In a post-fight interview with ESPN, White called Rousey a “game-changer.”

    "There’s women who can play basketball. They play in the WNBA, people [shrug it off]. In women’s golf, [people shrug it off], every sport. Ronda Rousey is a woman who can walk down the Las Vegas strip tonight and clean it out of any man that’s standing in the middle of the street. She’s a game-changer for women. She’s a game-changer for women’s sports, and there’s never been a human being like her or a combat athlete like her since the beginning of time."

    The UFC women’s bantamweight champ has led the charge for mainstream acceptance of women’s MMA. Boasting a 10-0 professional record, she has successfully defended the UFC belt four consecutive times and completely dominated every woman to ever stand across from her.

    Joe Rogan:

    "There has never been a female athlete that is as dominant as Ronda Rousey has been as the ufc women's bantamweight champion"


    One name could make both of these comments look like troll attempts...

    Laila Ali:




    Height 5'10
    Won 24 (KO 21)
    Lost 0 (KO 0)
    Drawn 0
    Rounds boxed 102
    KO% 87.5

    Some would like to put Ann Wolfe up with Ali, only because they didn't fight.

    But they had common opponents...

    Ann Wolfe:

    2000-11-30 Valerie Mahfood 10-3-0
    L TKO 3

    2003-08-23 Valerie Mahfood 13-6-0
    W Unanimous Decision 10

    2005-08-20 Valerie Mahfood 19-9-1
    W Unanimous Decision 10

    • Three matches, 2 UDs, 1 loss by TKO

    Laila Ali:

    2002-11-08 Valerie Mahfood 13-4-0
    W TKO 8

    2003-06-21 Valerie Mahfood 13-5-0
    W TKO 6

    • Two matches, 2 wins by TKO

    Further Comparison to end who would have won...

    Wolfe vs. Mahfood in 2005

    Laila vs. Mahfood in 2003

    This was the best Wolfe could do to Mahfood, and decision win, while Ali stopped Mahfood on punches in both matches.

    Ali would have done Wolfe like her father did George Foreman.

    So when these commentators and promoters come out with comments like Dana White and Joe Rogan in attempts to bolster their brand, it makes me wonder.

    Even Lucia Rijker should be mentioned, considering she was rolling in both kickboxing and boxing with a combined record of 54-0 with 39 KOs in both.


    • 1988-1989 - IWBA Women's Boxing World Champion
    • 1985-1994 - WKA Women's Division World Champion
    • 1989-1994 - ISKA Women's Division World Champion
    • 1997 - WIBF Super Lightweight World Champion
    • 1998 - WIBO Junior Welterweight World Champion
    • 1997-1998 - European WIBF Boxing Champion

    Lucia Rijker vs Mary Ann Almager in 1998

    1998-03-23 Mary Ann Almager 9-1-0
    W TKO 1

    Laila Ali vs Mary Ann Almager in 2003

    2003-02-14 Mary Ann Almager 14-5-0
    W TKO 4
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    You do know that they promote their own brand right?

    They also talk about not knowing who is going to win a fight when one fighter is a 10-1 underdog.

    They also figure that Rhonda would toss Ali on her head and break her arm because mma mixes all fighting styles together.
    (Boxing, kickboxing, karate, judo, wrestling, etc, etc.)

    It's not racist..its promotion.

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