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    hey if u guys haven't heard of damian marley i definitely think u should check him out. His album "halfway tree" is the best new reggae album of the year!!!! its called halfway tree and its some hot ****. Songs like "It was Written" have guest appearances by Stephen Marley, Capleton, and Drag on. you gotta give that track a listen to on they've got alot of samples on there. I really like the fact the way Damian mixes hip-hop in with reggae. he really knows how to write some hot tracks. my personal fave is paradise, where he works with jimmy cozier. and More Justice where he definitely sounds alot like his dad bob marley. this is an amazing and cool new album. so I think everyone should get a listen in on this while they got the chance . to learn more about damian marley you can even check out his interview on
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    Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome

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