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    +3 is the new media outlet for the independent animation and print engine, daathrekh Publishing. Where ancestral dreams, memories, and aspirations, give birth to modern folklore, mythos, and legend. It is evolution, spun in a new way, striving for a new day. Conscious and thought provoking, daathrekh Publishing is dedicated to bringing you exciting and innovative stories in various formats. They include: online comics, traditional comic books and graphic novels, full length "flash" animated movies, and trade paperbacks. This is only the beginning.

    During your visit, don't miss the premiere African centered cifer-RA™ novel, NETERS™. An epic speculative fiction event, that chronicles the lives of the men and women of the Ma'atan Code. Born in the wake and destruction following a mysterious Back-Ground noise, they live out their lives, burdened with the awesome responsibility of redeeming the names and traditions of those who came before the end of the Dream Time.

    - issue zero - available now in print >>NETERS<<

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