Benin : Daagbo of Ouidah being called "His Majesty" and "global leader of Vodun?!?"


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Jan 19, 2020
We have seen numerous people referring to the Daagbo of Ouidah as the "global leader of Vodun." And "His Majesty." There are a few things to keep in mind for those who are interested in the priority of Afrikan culture being presented correctly and not wrought with misinformation: first, for those not familiar, let us explain what a Daagbo is. It is a CHIEFTAINCY, not a coronated position. So the title of His majesty does not apply to his position and is misleading.

Also, people need to remember that he is the Daagbo of OUIDAH. Ouidah is a city. It is not an empire or country. He is not the Daagbo of Vodun, the Daagbo of Benin or any other false statements we've seen. He is the Daagbo of only that city and immediate surrounding area ONLY. The Ayizo, Seto,and others not only have no Daagbo, but don't recognize the authority of any Daagbo! So there is no way for a Daagbo to be "the global leader in Vodun" when his position isn't even recognized by many Aja people!

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