Black Poetry : Da Rise of The Street Titans - featuring: BLAKVERB

Da Street So'ja

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Jun 11, 2001
where failure is not an option
thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ

Lost in the north amerikkkan wilderness
Da rise of the Street Titans
Only racists won’t be feeling us
400 years of anger,
God somebody has to help healing us
And make us stop killing us

Plight of the black man a case for the millennia
Dealing with a mutant who will never be friendlier
a mutant who will never be deadlier
You are nothing but prey for he is a predator

My sisters can’t even look into mirror without addin’ euro cosmetics
Just a shell of your natural self (now processed) yea you look real pathetic
Yea I didn’t mean total disrespect in the way I said it
It’s the rise of the Street Titans, and we’re representin’


we be disseminating parcels of blak thought
impregnatin’ deadened mind sets with intellectual red capped rocks
convert those with blak minds bought
sold/auctioned off on Betsy Ross fabric auction blocks

“Yo, I got them red, black, and green caps”

history corner hanging in he shadows of Harriet’s spirit freeing more negroes
than Abe Lincolns stinkin’ ***/ emancipatin’ enslaved
brothers chained to inferiority complexes
and sisters bound on lye and dye processes

we be shooting words of wisdom through the hood
mass murdering ignorance at an alarming rate
we saving brothers now we are enemies of the state
they say we are “street titans up to no good”
how can that be when we tell ‘em all to “know good”?

preserving the black body is against the rules of Uncle Scams
Mason Dixon dance line party…we don’t hustle to “Good ole Boy”
confederate music…we burn white hoods…and feast off truth
in the belly of this beast…and let mental Molotov cocktails loose.

To be continued……………………………………………………………………



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