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    Why do some women feel like they're da blame for a man's problems,

    Some men can't even control they're behavior when it comes to being in a relationship,

    First they act like everything is cool and think nothin is gonna change in da end,

    When 8 months fly, he starts acting immature like a real dumb idiot, lol

    I'm sayin to myself, what is it? What did we do to make u act da way u do?

    Can't nobody change yo ways but u,

    Is that da reason why some men are scared of commitment?

    And when they do promise ya somethin, he starts feelin da resentment,

    Like he wish he neva done it, or doesn't want anything 2 do wit ya,

    He finds anotha woman, who's fast and very classy,

    And we sit up here thinkin, what da hell she got dat i don't,

    She's not all dat, but she's got growin up to do,

    She's young, has no respect, and who has no good attitude,

    He'll leave u 4 her, because she's da fool,

    And he's dumb enuff 2 go and brag about his tool,

    U feelin da pain, but then again, u don't care anymore,

    U let him go, but da next day, he's knockin at ya door,

    And u told him dat u didn't want nothin 2 do wit him no mo,

    As u throwin his trash out, he feels salty as hell,

    Standing outside by da window, wit his dirty clothes,

    Now who looks like da fool, not me but u,

    He leaves, and goes back wit da girl he was with,

    Tellin her "my woman just dumped me ova some stupid bull****,"

    "So what i cheat, he says, i do what i do best,"

    "Satisfy women to let dem know i'm good in bed,"

    She knew dat he was low down and no good,

    But gave him anotha chance and moved him back in da crib.


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    when such is posed they show signs of not men
    yet child

    I never make a promise i can't keep !

    indeed it work on da cross bow coz ladies
    show da same but the men sometime not
    ready 4 commitment and yes they fine such
    to get out these are the one's that one
    can't give in too once out stay out
    but soft heart allow them back in
    who's da winner !?

    u droppin' vibes of da cooker
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    i heard what you said,
    and yes i understand.
    but never fail to forget,
    that it's not only the man.
    for we women,
    like to chunk up the deuce.
    and don't try to deny it,
    just tell the truth.
    i like how you put,
    that you let him back in yo crib.
    but lettin him back in,
    i would have never did.
    see you gots to realize,
    that ain't no man perfect.
    but until there's one that is,
    girl just work it..........................(crunk flow)