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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Feel da stride, my voice ring
hear me nightly, within yo dreams
to my "fangs" and my wings!
the phantom deadly sting.

Know for which i strike, upon da glass
to see me is like da temple face mask
template, de'vor my stone
for by night the raiding of ya home

Feel one thrust of hackers hand
tips around the life which now stand
taste da blood, for (i am that i am)
for by the hand of mysteriously lay

phantom of ghost past
where new life today shell pass
lift uncaged, and removed, for tis journey
cape collar markz of Z zippin to kill

Like an snake bitting
da wounds become, poison
against da ivory arm mating
da phantom live on !


Well-Known Member
Aug 20, 2010
The loose & free
Opened me up to be bitten
I do have the phantom dubree
I've become so smitten
The repeating I am I am
Mirror that has proven
Phantom being apart of the sham
At the same time his being has been essentially
To be
Not I am
Strong caped Man
We are all made of sand
The Phantom can blow you away
But the stay finally had me feeling
Loose & Free
Readjust and become as we
That sandstorm
Stories are meant to be what lies underneath
Keeping it real for you & me.

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