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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    i'm in the streets with the sistaz and brothaz
    deadbeat fathers single mothers
    5-0 undercovers, abusive lovers
    they say there's a sucker born every day
    survival of the fittest now get out the way
    let me have my say
    you think this is pretty
    New York City
    hood 4 life gettin' gritty
    ask Mr. smitty
    he has the skinny
    nizza stay busy
    keep it movin'
    act like you know what you're doin'
    this is the stompin' ground
    it's been proven
    live and die in a NY minute
    i got seconds on the clock
    i live it you're just critic
    but you don't get it
    so you think it's so sid ick
    i don't need you anymore than you need me
    you off the heezy
    you know this **** ain't easy
    bacon was meant to be greasy