Black People : Cynthia McKinney: Wear Black; Join US 10:30 am; Jena 6, USA in General!

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Feb 9, 2007
I wasn't able to locate a link on the web. Therefore, I am posting the entire message as I received it.

Here's the Atlanta area Press Release:


September 19, 2007

Mawuli Mel Davis, Esq. -or- Dr. Kwame Kalimara

The Davis Bozeman Law Firm, P.C. NAPO

(404) 244-2004 (404) 552-2442

Georgians Stand in Solidarity with Activists Nationally:
Demanding Real Justice In Jena, Louisiana

Atlanta, Georgia- Activists, organizers, students, and community members throughout Georgia are called to participate in a Public Demonstration and Press Conference in solidarity with the "Jena 6" at 10:30 a.m . Thursday, September 20, 2007, in front of Rush Memorial UCC Church at 150 James P. Brawley Drive located on the campus of Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. Speakers include Professor Kathleen Cleaver, former Congresswoman
Cynthia McKinney, Senator Vincent Fort, Reverend Timothy McDonald, John Evans, and Reverend Derrick Rice. We are encouraging all participants to wear black to demonstrate solidarity with those demonstrating around the country.

The ongoing legal battle of six African American teenagers against trumped up charges in Jena, Louisiana makes it even clearer that racism and its systemic aggression against Black Americans continues to grow in this country. In Georgia, over two thousand people rallied in Douglas County to demand justice for Genarlow Wilson. On September 20th, we will put tens of thousands more in the streets in Jena, to demand justice for Mychal Bell and the Jena 6. This time the demand for justice will resonate throughout the land.

In addition to the over thirty organizations and churches that have endorsed this effort, students and community members throughout the state will join in solidarity with a national coalition for justice called for by Detroit City Councilman Kwame Kenyatta and activist radio personality, Bob Law.

This national coalition not only stands in solidarity with the Jena 6 but
also with The Katrina International Tribunal and the many others fighting for justice in Louisiana.

While the conviction of Mychal Bell, one of the six Black youngsters in
Jena, has been thrown out by the Third District Court of Appeals, the
struggle for justice is far from over. Our concern is that the racist
double standard remains in tact allowing whites to commit acts of aggression against Blacks with impunity, while Black youngsters face unjust prosecutions and harsher prison sentences.

We will stand in solidarity on September 20th, the day Mychal Bell was
scheduled to be sentenced for a bogus second degree battery conviction, with not only the tens of thousands that will march in Jena, but with those gathering around the country including St Louis, Kansas City, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Newark, and more. We stand in solidarity with activists nationally calling on the mayor of each American city, as well as everyone with a national voice and influence, to publicly denounce the judicial farce taking place in Jena, Louisiana. We encourage city councils nationwide to follow the lead of Atlanta, Georgia, Cambridge, Maryland and Detroit, Michigan and pass resolutions in the interest of justice, calling for the dismissal of all charges against the Jena 6 and not just another trial in juvenile court.

Additionally, we call on the corporations in Louisiana that are the recipients of millions of Black consumer dollars, to
denounce the injustice and blatant racism in Jena, Louisiana, in New Orleans generally, and in the Ninth Ward in particular. Some communities have already begun to say, "No justice, No profit!"

Across the country we say, "Enough is Enough!" We draw the line against racism and injustice here and now. We will continue to strengthen this coalition of organizations across the country, fighting to challenge racism, whenever and wherever it raises its ugly head.

Supporting organizations include: First Afrikan Presbyterian Church,
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM), The Avarita L. Hanson Chapter of the Black Law Students Association, New Afrikan People's Organization (NAPO), Let Us Make Man, The Davis Bozeman Law Firm, Sankofa Society of Georgia State University, International Action Center, Foreverfamily, AfriSalsa Cultural Organization, N'COBRA Youth Commission, Operation LEADS, African American Ministers in Action, Sankofa UCC Church, The Law Office of Chris Leopold, N'COBRA at CAU, <> AYA Educational Institute,African Community Centers, Minister Kenyatta Bush, Youth Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church & Chair, Henry County Democratic Party, Youth Task Force, Campaign for Juvenile Justice, Grassroots Link, Armstrong & Associates, Law Offices of Robert Daniel, LLC, The Secret Firm, P.C., Georgia Alliance of African American Attorneys (GAAAA).


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Jan 31, 2004
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I must say being a native Louisianian the situation in Jena highlights the rampant problem of White Supremacy and pressing need that it conclusively be addressed by us. I once told a friend Louisiana is the faultline for Black people. Two years ago, Katrina came and aired for the world to see the true treatment of our people. Now the persecuted Jena 6, the rallying cry for a movement I hope begins and doesn't die. Let's support the effort.

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