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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Black People Live in a Cycle Of Profane Repetitiveness which consist of Betterment, Advancement, and Progress, you know, like making tracks and never getting anywhere, never having the thought of a Utopian condition for our lives, which is Freedom and to be Free is to be Independent and Sovereign, a Utopian Divine condition for Life that Black People have been conditioned to believe is unattainable now days, in our Lives, so we have settled for a Life to be Lived in captivity, which is profane repetitiveness and not Divine repetitivenesses because as long as the Mind is not Free, the body is not Free, because one can not Function Freely without the other, thus you have the Binary system, all things being connected to each other, meaning that all things are influenced and persuaded by each other, there being more of an influenced persuasion one to the other, by the other, thus bring the quality of Mind into play, as well as the force of the Energy use, by all that be and Move under its Power.

Have you ever stopped and really studded the Spirit of Black people today, the Spirit being a representation of our Attitudinal Behavior and how we express such in our Lives today ?

Life is never Normal if it is lived in a Cycle of profane repetitivenesses and Normal is Freedom, meaning a Life lived uninhibited by the shackles Man has so created to cause nothing but pain and misery to your Life and today, that is the condition of life living of the Black World.

Black people have been made to develop a nasty habit of opposing a Divine order of Life without having the desire to do what is necessary to live such a Life, so we now have our Life to walk through the Shackles of Death and fearing all Evil, a Life experience that have Black People talking about the Normalcy of Life but having not the courage to do what we should and must do to attain such Normalcy of Life again, a life state of our Divinity.

Black people have been conditioned to not deal with the shackles that hold our Life in Captivity, such as Hating what caused our Fall from our Normal Divine way of living, preaching now that we must do the abnormal thing, which is to Love our enemy and do good things to those that abuse and despise us fully and do misuse our Lives, such an abnormal Mind set is what put our Lives into a Cycle of Profane repetitiveness, which have Black People choosing a Life condition to be better, to be advancing and progressing, while remaining in a state of captivity, a prison for our Lives, where Freedom is no longer a desire for the Black Life.

Black people has a tendency to cite things not to do in our Lives that is required for us to do in our lives if freedom is our goal, that is if our goal for our Lives are to be sovereign and independent, the not to do things being, not to cite the evil of vain selfish individuality, not to have the Divine Right to Hate evil and not to Love our enemy, we believe today that we are not to identify the cause for our Fall in Life, which imply we do not know what was the Divine cause of our Lives, we suggest that we should no longer point out the evil of Racism and unjustified Prejudice and that we should become satisfied with making our Lives Better, striving to advance it every opportunity given to us by those that have caused our Lives to be in need of advancing, and we hail the movement of our Lives progress, all such stated rewards only verify that our Lives are being lived under someone else domination and that Freedom for our Lives are not a Desired Goal.

So we become submissive in our Cycle of Profane Repetitiveness living our Black Lives, which is to always to be aspiring for a Better, Advancing, and progressive life, and never a Life of Freedom, because the three a is Mutually exclusive from from the One, which is Divine Freedom.

It become a sad commentary about Black People when in prison, Freedom is not the Prime objective with the Goal to be Sovereign and independent, reconciling with none and no thing, desiring only those Divine Principles which cause our Lives to enjoy.

Is it not true tat the prisoners themselves do not enjoy Freedom and Justice by remaining a prisoner, even if the prisoners are given the opportunity to live better than some other prisoners, or to advance in the prison job market, or to treat when being removed from solitary confinement into the prison main population as progress, and that all you have to look forward to is that vicious Cycle of Profane Repetitiveness and never with a desire to become Independent, Sovereign, and Free ?

Well beloved, such is the equivalent of spirit of the Black so call Afrikan in America and in Afrika, and the general population of the World, and you tell me that there is not anything Mentally Wrong with Black People, a people who do not know what is the First step to take in order to Free ourselves from our present condition in Life, as we now carry a Mind that give us cause to pretend that we are now Free, all because Black people have no desire to be Divinely free and is to just remain in our Cycle of Profane Repetitivenesses, sighting a better, advancing, and progressive life condition to be our goal of acceptance in life.

In a Divine Cycle, Repetitiveness is Divine, because Divinity beget Divinity, a Life cycle of our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors whom we know of no more, the DNA you today now Carry, but is fast diluting it through the Cycle of continuous Race assimilation, but if left alone, the Dominant DNA will correct itself, meaning the cycle of Racial assimilation is not the end all to the lost of our Divine state of Being, if brought to a halt, but if not, the Black World travel a road of Life that will bring about the Change Obama is promising you, concerning Race, and it is the Black Race that suffers from the act of Racial assimilation, an act that caused the Destruction of our Black Civilization.

You may Take It Or Leave It Alone.

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism


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