Black Poetry : Cyber Delight


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Feb 9, 2001
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Could'nt sleep last night
Had you posted in my mind
The way we connect
Had me feeling cyber fine
We made cyber love
Now I can not sleep
Got a man at home
But your love I still seek

Just something about the way
You cyber sex me
The way you made my juices flow
I'm feeling cyber free
I release creamy passion
You released yours too
I moan with pleasure from my cyber boo

I can't contain, so much for me to bear
To repeat what we did....Oh I would'nt dare :eeek:
I felt your love rhythms in tune with mine
Stroke after stroke, time after time
We move together, though so far away
I melt with passion, without dismay
Modems connect us...we reached new height
Bid farewell with a soft kiss, to my cyber delight....
Much LUV
As I sign on hoping you are online
my mind goes back to our making love in cyber time
the words of passion racng across the screen
plunging into extasy with every written scream
looking at the picture I received in email
the sea of cyber space I'm anxious to sail
you have a man, but he's asleep and you are awake alone
here's my number, pick up the receiver and dial the phone.


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