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Mar 22, 2004
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Yawl know that from time to time it's necessary to cut off split ends. I absolutely hate getting my hair cut. They swear u[p and down "I'm only going to trim the ends. Just a little bit." Invariably they send me home damb near bald headed. How will I ever reach my Pam Grier goal like this? Here is what I did:

After washing I braided my hair into eight cornrows. I let it dry over night then in the morning row by tow I trim my ends. By letting it dry while braided it's not as curly so I can geta to the ends easily and by going row by row I can control and measure the length so it will be even. not perfectly even but when I wet it again it curls u[p tight so I can pat it into shape.

Note: I never tell you anything I haven't tried myself.
Sister River ... thanks for the suggestion !!!!

I haven't had my hair cut ... even trimmed ... in more than 2 years!

I think about this occasionally, and have surmised, with this bushy stuff of mine, how can you tell if the end is split or not?!

The hair is going in every direction that it wants anyway ... :lol:

It's made me think that this whole split end stuff is white folk's issues, and we've just adopted it, along with all the rest of their psychosis.

When i had my perm, my hairdresser ... Our Beloved Mrs. Moore ... only trimmed on full moons (or something like that). She called it the growing season and often referenced the Farmer's Almanac for when it was a good time to cut "her" hair. Even then, i didn't get trims often, and i never had to worry about leaving her shop shorter than i had hoped.

I don't know ... i guess i need a trim (??) ... :look: ... i've certainly thought on it, and appreciate your suggestion.

Thanks for sharing ... Love You!


Destee, regarding the split ends -- yes you need a hair cut by now (2 years)

i blowdry my client's hair so that i can tell the difference between the split ends and the healthy hair. i use a hair protectant and medium heat with a comb attachment. this is also a great way to give yourself a nice blowout.

braiding lightly dampend hair (moisturizer) at night will present a nice blowout or a nice wavy look if you just finger comb.
Hey Destee,

I have never personally seen a split end and don't know one from a split pea, but I've been told on occasion that my ends were split and sternly wanned that if I didn't cut them they would split to the roots. EEEK!

I just went by how my hair felt. Like you I had not cut it in a number of years and was just sleeping on it. I know that cotton pillow cases will damage your hair, but you know how we are sometimes when dangers are slowly accumulative. If it doesn't kill us immediately we pay it no mind. But my hair didn't feel to good. There were little microscopic beads on the ends and it was coming out everytime I picked out my afro. That's when i decided to cut my losses.

Now I braid it at night and wear a satin do rag. In the morning I come it out and wet it in the shower so it will curl up tight.

Word of caution: The porous texture of our hair makes it very fragile so when you come it hold the roots and start at the ends working your way to the roots rather than starting at the roots and trying to yank the comb through.

This has been a public beauty service message brought to you by Da River


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