Black Relationships : Cut and Paste

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    It all started when I lived in Philly- I meet a really nice guy a coworker. When I would venture to his side of the world for work related things he would always seem to know that I was in the building and we would have casual talks. These talks became more frequent and we exchanged personal information and took it outside the campus.

    To me he had a quite presents. One could even say shy- but not weak.

    During these talks we would discuss our passions and what was on the menu for that day . If anyone speaks to me for more than 5 minutes they know that I love- literary journeys- spoken word. …That’s when it started; he would send me a sonnets, short stories and poems… I began to look forward to receiving those morsels of powerfully written, sometimes erotic trips – is what I call it- I almost go in a trance by a good read. ANY way, I digress.

    Life happened and I quickly up rooted my self and family and moved to ATL, and after a month I received a email from him asking was this me… well we picked up were we left off, but it went deeper than that.. we began to “learn” each other- long story short we decided we would make a go of it and I would return to my second home Philly.

    Hot and Cold On and Off- we ended it, But he would write me and ask me why like he had no role in it.. well any way as I ramble on… the point is.

    I happened to be looking for some short stories and stuff on line and I ran across a site that was like “WHOA” and as I started to read, things started to sound strangely familiar.. and like a flash and pain… There they were one after the other all those beautiful stories all the reason why I had started to value him – so eloquent in his approach to courting me... Scribe after scribe – HE lied- HE simply cut and paste.

    I sent him the website- he has not responded to my “OUT the BAG” email.

    Confused it what I am, should I be flattered that he went to such great lengths to impress me? But he lied and I just don’t do well with that. What are your thoughts?

    How / Should I remain his friend?