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    You inspire me wish you know how much
    How in the world can you be so into someone you never touched

    I stand corrected cause your words lay on my heart, my mind, my chest
    So is the only thing between us the distance of addresses

    Thought no one could ever feel these words I speak
    Late night conversations you be my soul food that I love to eat

    I’m not a perfect man my plans still has flaws
    But you look past all that and to my soul you call

    You deserve greatness peach don’t settle
    Make sure you get someone up on your level

    Cause you’re a queen you just have to find your crown
    Don’t think it ain’t gonna happen just your skin color brown

    My pen is in love with you my ink in lust as it touches itself
    So why does talking to you make me feel like I don’t need no more help

    Can’t say your name to loud my heart my hear
    If I’m in love with someone else why isn’t it that you know my worst fear

    Scared to love you my heart won’t let go
    So I try to sit here and take it slow

    I hope that you understand this situation is real hard
    Not trying to hurt anyone and leave them scared

    So what do you do when the love of your life and soulmate aren’t one in the same
    Cause I don’t want to have my cake and eat it to I don’t play that game

    You were unexpected came out of my blind side
    Cause now I have to hide

    That in another situation or lifetime
    Maybe you would be mine

    And I could……

    Love you…….
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    BUSINESS owner
    word up this what i'm talking bout !
    u said it with perfection A-1 to dis here !
  3. Kaija

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    Bo that is off tha chain i like that there. Holla at ya gurl.
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    I stand back..........

    Its hard telling a stranger of your thoughts
    and i knew your love couldnt be bought

    but tell me is it wrong to love someone and they dont know
    but in your own world you let your feelings grow
    but never show

    to the one you feel poetically holds the key
    I comtemplate in my mind if he could ever love me

    but i resist the notion to speak up
    and my heart is stuck

    in hell
    a place time and time i dwelled

    But my mouth must never utter words that are true
    the day you marry her my love for you will be blue

    ages apart
    i know in my heart

    it is you whom i want
    i would flaunt

    you so proudly
    when were in public our love for each other would speak loudly

    but it will never happen
    but my hand will be clappin

    when they announce Mr and Mrs.
    and our eyes are fixed for a moment as I want to plant kisses

    upon your Blacksoul
    but i gain control

    of my feelings
    and my worldly dealing

    and walked out before i can congratulate you
    no matter what your still my poetic boo

    out of nowhere there you stand
    and im thinking [email protected] i wish you was my man
    and i take my king by the hand

    and i show you all that i have to give
    and for you i would live

    but i must put this passion away tucked inside my pillow
    and my fragrance that dispells is as of a willow

    as i walk away from what could possibly be mine
    i cant trip cause you wouldnt give me the time

    as i see Mr. and Mrs walked away to a life full of happiness
    I stand back for a heart of emptiness..................

    this is what i would say if i was the girl. i love this deeply emotion heartfelt poem.:smooch: :smooch:
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