Black People : Curveball, lied about WMD in Iraq, so why not bring troops home Now?


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Oct 4, 2009
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:See folks are looking into the con game,

now everyone knows how many billions the Bush and Cheney families have made in Iraq in the past 2 years via Haliburton and the Carlysle group,
so now the whole world knows the war was based on a bunch fo bull mess

and it is no longer a conspiracy

theory that WMD story is a lie
why are the troops still there colonizing a sovereign nation,
and keeping young ecnonimicly challenged sisters and brothers who had no other recourse then the military

in harms way:qqb026:????????

All those millions dead on one side,
and billions made on the other

all based on the hate story of an Iraqi Infromant that "Cried Wolf":SuN021:

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