Uganda : Culture war: Film links U.S. Evangelicals to intolerance against gays in Uganda

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Nov 17, 2006
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... suggested and viewing(a must see video):

Culture war: Film links U.S. Evangelicals to intolerance against gays in Uganda

Top Line
Are American Evangelicals to blame for a surge of anti-gay sentiment and violence in Uganda?
Roger Ross Williams, the director of the new documentary “God Loves Uganda,” told “Top Line” that American Evangelical missionaries are contributing to a raging culture war over homosexuality in Uganda, where just a few years ago a law was proposed that prescribes the death penalty for certain homosexual acts.
“All the Evangelicals I followed told me they feel like they've lost the culture war here in America as marriage equality has passed state by state, the recent Supreme Court rulings, but they are winning in the global South and especially in Africa and Uganda,” Williams said.
Williams’ documentary looks specifically at the prominent ministry in Uganda by the American Evangelical group known as the International House of Prayer (IHOP).
“They don't do any humanitarian work,” Williams said. “They don't build schools or hospitals or help people. … It's a numbers game, convert souls, and that's it.”
Ministries like the International House of Prayer, Williams’ said, are preying on a vulnerable population.

When contacted about this story, the International House of Prayer responded with an official statement of their belief about the sanctity of marriage and said the documentary provides misinformation about their ministry.
"The IHOPKC leadership team upholds the New Testament view of the sanctity of sex in the context of marriage between one man and one woman,” the statement said. “However, we strongly oppose victimization or violence against any sector of society that disagrees with the biblical view. We honor the dignity and rights of all who differ from us."
Recently back from a tour to promote his film in Africa, Williams said his film has sparked a conversation that he hopes will lead to increased tolerance and acceptance for the LGBTI community in Africa.

Is this forked tongue speaking, according to Indian ideology? I think so.

:10500: I'm shocked! Religious people being anti gay?!!?

:10500: I'm shocked! Religious people being anti gay?!!?

Put a better handle on religious people and call a thing a thing; these are racist white folk that have lost their wayward approach to Christianity here in the States, and are now aboard using trickery in Alkebu-lan. They are on a wanton course.



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