Chief Elder Osiris : Culture Is The Mother-Load That Sustain The Environment Of A Society

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    Culture Is The Mother-load That Sustain The Environment Of A Society

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black will Hear You.

    It is one of the two things that describe Black Americans, either you are selfishly dishonest, or you are incapable of acknowledging what Life Experience has taught Black people in America and in Afrika, and in the world, of its entirety.

    I See Things as they are and if not the way I know they should be, I do not pretend that they are, even when my life is held in the balance of such incorrectness, I just do the best I know how, fighting to cause things to be as they should be, when my life is suffering the effect from those things that are not treating my life as it should be experiencing in this world, which are freedom, justice, and independent right to make decisions that will Divinely effect my life.

    So it is my production of thoughtful behavior that have me with the attitude that I have toward forces that I know have been nothing but evil in their action toward me and has shown nothing but persistence in maintaining that evil spirit toward me, which prompt me to conclude that anyone who is Black and refer to themselves as being leaders for Black people, in the past or in the present, Dead or alive, and had and have the support of those people with a history of abusing, lying, and deceiving Black people, such Black leaders in my mind, is held up with unwavering suspect, causing me not to show honor and respect to such leaders who have done nothing but to advance our ignorance and oppression at the hand of the oppressors.

    Wishful wanting is not a behavior of a revolutionary who is in pursuit of freedom, justice, and independence, such a falter mind advance the culture behavior of the oppressors, in whose culture Black people have been consumed and made to adopt to be our own, which I refuse to do.

    So dream on Black American and play the make believe game, overlooking the fact that when we confess to have a dream, that such an act that come to mind is that you are having a playback of that you have been wishing for or want to be, when it is not.

    Dream come in two manner of life action, either you are asleep, or you are in deep sleep imagination, yet awake, you call that daydreaming, either way, it is fantasy with desire to make to become real, a want that verify your wish while awake.

    I often wonder what truly is the problem with Black people, about the fact of our oppression and it is obvious that Black people have a self awareness problem, which prevent us from being honest with ourselves in our state of oppression, allowing want and wishful believing to over ride the fact of our life living state of being, in this world.

    What I know to be a fact, is that culture is the mother-load that sustain the environment of a society, and in America , in Afrika, and in the world over, the Black Afrikan no longer has a culture of our own, and it is because we no longer function in our Divine Mind.

    So, we adopt and praise the culture of our oppressors, especially all Black leaders, past and present, they who had and have nothing but good dreams about America, and attempt to condemn those Black people whose dream is a nightmare about America.

    Because, it is the mind of the Night mare dreamer, that is based upon the fact of life living condition of Black people in America, and not wishful believing, which have you Black people having good dreams bout America.

    So, what is culture to life living?

    Culture verify the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, they being the arts, in a profane society, belief, institutions and all other products of behavior, work and belief.

    These are the patterns, traits and product of a society whose people are in control of their lives and society.

    Based upon this fact alone, about what constitute culture, Black Afrikan people are without a culture to call our own, because culture is not influenced, it is original in its production, and today, Black Afrikans live an adopted culture, which is of our oppressors, in America, in Afrika, and wherever else in this world Black Afrikans are, living a subordinate life.

    So, all Black leaders having a dream of good will to come to Black people in America, in Afrika, in the world, and is not in control of their lives, they all serve as the culture servant to our oppressors, and nothing of a Divine Good has ever come to Black people, from the culture that demean and destroyed the Mind of Black Afrikan people.

    So what do you get, you get Black people who worship a culture with a pattern of abusing and oppressing to death, Black people, as we hail those Black so call leaders who claimed to have had and is having a dream about America, and Black people being integrated and assimilated into such a Demonic Cultural society that is controlled by those people who even unto this day, will not admit to the evil perpetrated against our enslaved Ancestors, that such action were in fact wrong, and America remain evilly steadfast in not paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, such is the cultural identity of America.

    Yet here you have Black people who love America and choose to insult our Enslaved Ancestors by implying that the way of Racist integration and assimilation is the kind of dream Black people should have about the Black Afrikan self being in America.

    How can you make claim to be in your Divine Mind and you still do insane things and settle for inappropriate gains in America for Black people.

    You lie when you indicate to our children that America education is the way to a respectful life in America, when in fact, as long as we are in America it has been proven that there is no respect with proud, to be gotten from a culture that is grounded in Racism and unjustified prejudice against Black people in America.

    The Black Life status does not change by Black people claiming to be an American, it does not change by accepting those Black leaders that America embrace and is having all of those wishful dreams about America.

    Fighting for an unworthy cause does not make it to become worthy of your effort, if the cause is not just, and since justice is attached to Self respect and freedom, then all of your efforts are in vain, if your fight is not for Reparation and freedom away from America and back to Afrika.

    But if you have been made to settle to adopt a Culture of a society that is not of your making, then vanity become an acceptable pattern to adopt by a people in an environment of a society where there is no power and authority enjoyed by Black people.

    Environment is the paper that the Black life experience is written on, and Environment is the reflection of the quality of the culture of that society.

    So, no amount of wanting and wishful Dreaming and Cultural subordination, will change the fact about which people are in control of the culture environment of America society.

    It is environment that has the power of influence over a Mind that is under the power of somebody else other than yourself control, and in America, Black people have no control over our lives, like it or not, such is the Divine Truth.

    So, when there is no control over the lives of Black people by Black people, all decisions made about the life of Black people, are flawed and profane decisions, calibrated to embrace those Black leaders that White America society embrace and those are the Black leaders we have adopted.

    So, in America, Black people have no power to make independent choices about what is best needed for the lives of Black people.

    In America, Black people are a people without a culture of our own, because we live in an environment where the culture is originated from the behavior of White people, which has Black people to be servant to America Culture society, always trying to find a way to fit your Black behind in, for purpose to assimilate into White folks society culture, which is all that King Dream was alluding to be the goal of Black Americans.

    I Share With You Divine Information that Come From A Divine Environment Of my Mind, how you Approach it, well it Is Up to you, How you react or Not react to It, that Is Your Doing, As you are Prompted to do by the America culture environment that now influence and control the decision you Do not make, Concerning your Black life Today.

    Be kind to Your self, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
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    Black Afrikans live an adopted culture, which is of our oppressors, in America

    Domesticated black men, In a nation not their own!