Black People : Critiquing Steve Biko on "White Racism"

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    [Edit: The title should be improved. Maybe not critiquing "Steve Biko" lol. Maybe skuderjaymes is to blame for that phraseology!]

    I was fortunate to see this wisdom from our ancestor, Steve Biko (thanks Brother OmowaleJabali). A fellow African once told me that Africans do not wish to challenge one another, thus getting the best out of one another. Here, I do not challenge Steve Biko, but instead, I address his analysis with critiques. It's possibly a bit 'over my head' but for the liberation of our people, I would do much (It's worth noting--as I reported in another thread--I looked this up for a White person--who near immediately remarked--to the tune of: Very true, we Whites should look at ourselves.)

    Steve Biko on "White Racism"
    "This description of "metaphysical guilt" explains adequately that WHITE RACISM is only possible because whites are indifferent to suffering and patient with cruelty meted out to the black man. Instead of involving themselves in an all-out attempt to stamp out racism from their white society, liberals waste lots of time trying to prove to as many blacks as they can find that they are liberal. This arises out of the false belief that we are faced with a black problem. There is nothing the matter with blacks. The problem is WHITE RACISM. The sooner liberals realize this the better for us blacks. Their presence amongst us is irksome and of nuisance value. It removes the focus of attention from essentials and shifts it to ill-defined philosophical concepts that are both irrelevant to the black man and merely a red herring across the track. White liberals must leave blacks to take care of their own business while they concern themselves with the real evil in our society--white racism."​
    My 'critique':

    Here, Steve Biko says a number of things (using his language):
    1. White racism is only possible because of White indifference.
    2. Liberals waste time proving to Blacks that they are liberals.
    3. The belief that there is a Black problem is false.
    4. The problem is White Racism.
    5. White liberals must, rather than confuse us, focus on White racism
    I answer each claim as such:
    1. White racism is intrinsic with Occidentalism (the ways of Europeans). And White people are not indifferent to it: it's the basis of their 'civilizations' since times immemorial. Recall, the first act of 'Greek civilization' was attacking Crete, and Herodotus, Ancient Greece's father of history, reported that Greece was originally a pirate colony.
    2. Whose time are they wasting? Occidentals waste our time always. Simply because, we ought to Maroon and Build For Self, and no Occidental can assist in that enterprise. Occidentals do not find it a waste of their time. So long as we deem them necessary, they hinder our progress.
    3. To whom is a Black problem false? Occidentals do not deem that we Originals aren't a problem. We naturally strive to know ourselves and be free of Occidentalism; that said, if Occidentals had climbed mountains in Jamaica to enslave us, how is it not a problem to them that we yearn to be free?
    4. The problem is us not embracing Originalism. We are an African people. We should adopt our African way (not those of our kidnappers). We do not need Occidentals period. It's not just their White racism that's problematic; they have White classism, White sexism and White so on and so forth; and each of these are deeply ingrained in their Whiteness: the baby is the bath water.
    5. White people (liberal or not) can not do anything but confuse us and we should not depend on them to do otherwise. We simply ought ignore them. Truly, African people need to stop wishing to reform Europeans. We did that in Al-Andalus, and after that project, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade started. Why make your enemy more strong?
    What do you all think of my critiques? By the by, I respect my strong ancestor Steve Biko. I critique him out of respect. He promotes the aid of White people in our liberation, though historically it's unheard of--I hope that you agree.

    [Note] What do you all think of this sort of post? Oftentimes, we simply 'appeal to authority;' for instance, a whole thread would simply be a posting of a scholar, no commentary. Do you think that by format, never mind my skill at debate, such should be a staple in the African community?
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    The brother had to say that becuase no other nation in all of Africa had that kind of "let's share" mentality with their opressor

    The ANC was/is a comedy skit, but the PAC was all Black

    Out of the 50 plus nations, SA was the only one to talk about apartheid:confused: rather then colonization and while most nations before neo-colonization,
    desired Europeans out and resources in Black hands,
    SA happily allowed Zionists , the Oppenhiemers to maiintain control of the diamonds, and whites control of the gold, uranium and other resources, while sisters and brothers languish without running water or electricity on the reg, in the Ipad age.

    Like Dr King, Malcolm and Dr Khalid Muhammed, Biko died from us isolating ourselves from him before the assassination.

    Can anyone give any reason why Julius Malema is not destined or supported by not just all of South Africans but also a Pan African consortium of at least 40 nations?

    Sad to say also in the XBox age, here we know and have understood what Biko says, but how many in the Motherland will think Black first? Especially the educated and wealthy classes?