Black Poetry : Critiques of Society, When Deaths At The Door

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    Critiques of Society
    By Jacqueline Amos

    I carried the cross, chains upon my hands,
    chains upon my feet.
    As blood that flowed from the caucus of my frame.
    Where are thou brother who confesses
    we are one? Where are thou sister,
    who I have given great tribes?
    Where is thou prophets who set before my death?
    Jealousy, and envy that set before me;
    For I am the son of the sons, for my pain only
    last for a moment of time, I the test of faith,
    Who is my black brother? who’s loyal to my cause?

    The servant 0r the master balances within
    Universal concepts of how, when, where, theorize
    Wisdom the Power Of Gods laws.
    Development of solutions constitutes
    the reality when a brave man chooses death.

    Beyond the Universe I humble;
    within the curse of the earth.
    My validation upon this land I humble,
    which man cannot understand.
    The child like state and those ;
    who represents the armor of Gods grace;
    My inheritance shall be restored upon this earth.

    I shall not die, I shall return. My spirits sings
    Its own resurrection to fame.
    I have been murder through tribulations, but I shall return,
    until my brothers get it right.
    The man of wisdom shall hold its own.
    Through the valley of death,
    Man does not understand the philosophy of a true king.

    Pondering the universe, maintaining spiritual
    justice. Finding the technical glow of humanity
    for all, which it stands. Presentations of limited
    selections, Proclamation evil selling the inner soul;
    Innocents of morality, villainous of defenses,
    the unfamiliar seed of hatred, planted in the minds of men.
    Behind the ghost, conjunctions of participated
    by hate. The vindictive words of pain shall
    there be an end.

    The army of the devil controls the prisons of the land,
    The conformity of evil is accepted, within the darkness
    Of Satin plan, treasons of a people who turn there
    Heads to the spoken words, treason by the people
    Who break all the laws of God?
    Killed treason of the prophets who stood at the door
    Of Satin plans, Judas who be trade Jesus and
    The devil had lost; he then hanged his own self
    Trader of the sons of sons.

    The ghost writhing likes
    a worm, without ending.
    Keep your eyes on the mental,
    the world is revolving, hold on the sounds,
    the universe whispers, grab on to the mental.
    Genocide knocks at my door.
    Climbing the mountains, monkey on my back,
    Genocide entrapment; moving into context.
    Dimensional experience, it sounds like crack.

    Screaming in unison, genocide on my back.
    Who is the oxymoron? Which portrayal is back?
    Self-defeating horrors. Acquainted with darkness,
    Spiritual war fairs, that ride my back,
    The battle within. Recovery,
    the dead portrayed by man,
    the white lance lined with death.
    The soul of the drunk.
    Let me dye, I am already dead,
    Legacy the living dead,
    sipping on white powder, laced with death.

    Snowflakes that surround my face,
    mental genocide, toxins, poisons,
    the kiss of death, I am already dead,
    sipping on white powder, laced with death.

    Racisms Institutional structure as law, man who has sold his soul, Social instruments, murder of self, behavior modifications determines the structure abomination through the womb,of who is man? and man himself gives into the hypocritical salute, under one nation to the earthly God. Empowering the sickness of some to sanction, manipulate, the bionic disk is on alert terrorize, Genocide of those who think less than self, spineless interpretations of what man thinks of self, and then justify and rationalizing with self, I am a slave within the darkness of an illusion of self, when man burned the book.

    The beast that holds on to false beliefs, failing respirations, to dye is be reborn, retaliation soul from the ad justice material court.
    Upon this journey I embark on humanity racism that kills people and thought.
    Mystical illusions, compulsively persuasions, the only thing survives during death the glow of the gone.
    Transformation of a clear heart, change shall matter not. Challenges of futile. Captivity of blackness unchained, in a hole of snakes verging for the top.

    Tears self-death. Mourn out worn the
    missed life; Pain that sits upon the door,
    of the dark heart. Intolerance an ignorance, a man without hope; Elimination of an authority Under Satins
    Authority. Insistence of Society in
    destruction of a people, Elimination
    of authority that births, criminality
    dressed in humanities.Within the realms of a humble voice,
    The integrity of enforcement
    Shall lye within the power of wisdom,
    And the man of the humble
    Shall lead, a strong voice will touch
    The heart of the young,
    Who shall carry the torch of the future?
    And darkness shall revert to light.

    Copywriter 2002
    Noumi Collectives/all rights reserved
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    o' yes sis u gotta tell the truth the whole story
    when it lurks at the door and knocks ....death
    whewwwww lovin ya pen
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    such a powerful write ashanta keep on this journey of truth.