Black Poetry : Critical Analysis and Exegesis, by Eldred P. Walker, Night Shift Maintenance.


...standing on the shoulders of giants
Sep 21, 2005
Philadelphia PA
Behavioral Health
.....taken from a actual conversation.

Uncle, I have this poetry with you in mind..
I want to show you my metaphors
And fluidity of line....

"Boy, you aint said a **** thang....
Using them big words and weirdo slang...
Give me a poem that fights and bites..
Something like Mr. Leroi Jones would write."

"I need one that cant stop, dont stop, wont stop.
Something that scats and swings like bebop...
I need something that moves my soul,
Have me sweating at midnight going "Whoaaa"

But Uncle, I work within the bounds of
What is aliterative and formal....

"Yea, yea, yea, shaddup and give me something normal"

"Give me something I can understand,
Talk to me direct, cause Im a simple man.
Dont wanna hear bout the light of yo soul, right now.
It's time to party, me how"

Er..po me a drank..."

"Give me something that vibes and swings..
Give me royalty, like Duke or Prince, or 'Reatha the Queen
"Nature, Liberation of yo Soul....yea, yea, yea...all that's true...
But I want something spicy, like Tito Puente or Cecila Cruz"

"See, the problem with you poets today....
Cain't call the sky blue, gotta say "azure grey"...
And did'nt azure grey live down on Monroe Skreet?
****, forgot what I was talkin bout...oh yea, ya poetry."

"Now I'se got no problem with big words and edumacation, that' true,
But sometimes you gotta adjust to the crowds and who ya talkin to.

But Uncle, surely you dont mean I dilute my work?
"Boy, you aint made a **** dime...
And that's bout all it's worth."

"Now po me a drank."

(c)2005 dennis lee


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
wow this is like ease dropping on a intimate conversation thanks for letting us enter your world. flow on poet.:kiss1:


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Oct 4, 2003
I enjoyed this, the realism of it. Sorta reminds me of conversations I would have with my grandmother years ago. She would tell you, I knew you when, in a second, lol.

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