Crest smiles and Pamper baby diapers celebrating PRESERVING black families

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    Celebrating Five Years Of Preserving The Black Family

    EBONY Magazine and Procter & Gamble
    7/11/2006 10:06:47 AM

    For the fifth consecutive year, the EBONY Black Family Reunion Tour (EBFRT) is bringing Black families together in an interactive setting, providing them with tools to enhance their lifestyle. Presented by EBONY magazine, Procter & Gamble and GM Goodwrench, this seven-city tour of free community events includes exciting entertainment and activities for the entire family.

    Black families across the country host reunions to revive, maintain and strengthen relationships with extended relatives, and the EBFRT is designed to celebrate this historical tradition by bringing the community together as a part of a bigger family. The tour emphasizes the value of fellowship and the importance of spending time with loved ones and friends.

    “This year’s Tour is important because we understand and value the concept of family and what it means to the Black community,” says Rod Chappell, CEO/President of Grassroots Promotions, LLC. “The Tour will provide attendees with the necessary tools to enhance their lifestyles and help maintain the strong family ties that already exist in our communities.”

    Reminiscent of a good old school cookout, the Tour is set in a local park with some of R&B’s best live entertainment from “back in the day,” including performances by MC Lyte and Doug E. Fresh, just to name a few. Radio personality Ms. Dupree from “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” will host the event.

    Families can participate in activities such as cooking demonstrations and health screenings.

    The one-day event starts at 2 p.m. and attendees can choose from a wide range of activities set in an 8-room simulated home, including:


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    I hope there are JOB OFFERS to help the FAMILY because our COMMUNITY need those TOO to generate INCOME to KEEP those CREST SMILES and FRESH with those PAMPERS.