Black Short Stories : Creature From the White Lagoon: The poem & The Play

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    The Creature from the white Lagoon:
    The Poem & the Play
    By Andre Austin

    Welcome to the twilight zone
    Never get caught in V Lake alone
    Don’t go beyond the buoy
    The creature is waiting there to grab your bones

    Beware there are no signs of hate
    Saying: “Not allowed blacks or dogs”
    Too many kids are sacrificed blood lambs
    And butchered like hogs

    The creature isn’t an animal it’s a mortal man
    Who hates the color of my natural born tan

    His scuba gear tank is under water where he creeps
    Stay within your limits of remaining knee deep

    We are not living in the past
    We come and go as we please
    We are slaves no more
    We stand up from our ancestor’s knees

    Its time for vigilante justice
    Slay the White Sea monster and do it soon
    Going underwater strapped with knives
    My harpoon y killed the creature from the white lagoon

    The story your about to read is fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead or in between is purely a coincidence.

    Cast of Characters

    1. Nick Gold hunter, Private investigator
    2. John Dewer, assistant to Nick
    3. Senator Amon
    4. Commissioner A.J Jones
    5. Governor Smith
    6. Attorney General Neely
    7. Officer Flintstone
    8. Officer Ruble
    9. Chief Judge Thoth
    10. Laban Jaguar, child victim
    11. Manasseh Jaguar rich oil broker
    12. Ravine Jaguar, wife of Manasseh
    13. Kathleen Winton, paid snitch
    14. Ken Winton member of the Four K’s white secret society
    15. Nebat, Butler of the Jaguar family

    Scene I (In the cemetery near a Mausoleum)

    Dewer: Turn off the flashlight I think somebody is coming.

    Nick: It’s just the night watchman making his rounds.

    Dewer: Man I don’t know how I let you talk me into coming into this cemetery at night. ****. This place really gives me the creeps.

    Nick: It will not take much longer after we get this Mausoleum door open we will get our chance to take some pictures of the body.

    Dewer: Well good. I’m just glad they didn’t burry him because I hate getting myself dirty. And with the rain pouring like its doing I’m bound to ruin all of clothes with mud.

    Nick: Stop all of this bellyaching. The mission we are on is for a good cause in our community.

    Dewer: I know but I’m just saying that this whole scene is scaring the **** out of me. It’s not an everyday thing to be hanging out with tombstones and mausoleums.

    Nick: You just better hope that when we open up this door Dracula or an evil Guardian Angel doesn’t come jumping out at us.

    Dewer: Yeah real funny. Lets just hurry up and get this job done. (Cobwebs are cleared as the door squeaks open due to the years of rust on the hinges)

    Nick: *******! It stinks up in here. It smells like a dead skunk has been dead up in here for several days.

    Dewer: What do you expect? The body of the child has only been in here for less than two months. It takes awhile for the smell to decay and fade away.

    Nick: Man this place inside here is very elegant and expensive. Mr & Mrs. Jaguar are very rich. The floor inside here is nothing but pure black marble sprinkled with diamonds inserted into the stone. (All of the family members have 100 % gold nameplates above the sliding drawer that contains the bodies. This mausoleum can hold up to 20 bodies. So far ten have housed up in here).
    Dewer: Look for the name of Laban Jaguar. This is the person that the Jaguar family wants us to investigate.

    Nick: How come they just didn’t request the coroner to exhume the body and conduct an investigation with an autopsy and all?

    Dewer: Because they didn’t want to tip off and raise suspicion among the corrupt official of Vander Ville County. If they thought the parents wanted to investigate they might of tried cremated the body destroying all the evidence. They could of easily gave the excuse that toe tags were misplaced and we thought we had orders to burn little Laban up.

    Nick: That sounds reasonable. This was pretty on behalf of the Jaguar family. They played their card correctly.

    Dewer: No it was quite elementary dick Nick. Laban was an excellent swimmer in his high school varsity swim team. Laban was in perfect shape and condition. He wouldn’t have drowned even if he were 20 miles out into Vander Ville Lake.

    Nick: Okay Sherlock Holmes. Here’s Laban’s nameplate right here. I’m going to open up his casket. After I open it up you hurry up and take the pictures because I’m going to end up throwing up if I have to stand over this smelly casket for more than three minutes.

    Dewer: Okay then. I have my flash on now; the red light just came on. I’m ready to take the pictures. But I can’t take the pictures with Laban’s clothes on. You have to take his funeral clothes off so I can see if there are any marks on his body or any other signs of struggle.

    Nick: Why don’t you do it? I feel uncomfortable taking another males clothes off.

    Dewer: Hidden homosexual tendencies?

    Nick: Yeah right

    Dewer: Ok then scared cat. You got outside and look out for the night watchman anyway.

    Nick: I still in charge you know. I’m the one you cuts your checks.

    Dewer: Then you stay in here and take these pictures.

    Nick: No that’s all right my stomach can only take so much of this smell.

    (All the clothes are off and Dewer takes about ten photographs)

    Dewer: Just as I suspected bruises all around both ankles. As if someone or somebody pulled and held down his legs. I’m going to develop these pictures turn them over to my boss who will then turn them over to the Jaguar family.

    (Dewer exits out the Mausoleum)

    Nick: Are you finally finished?

    Dewer: Yes I got the job done. Lets hurry up and get in the car before someone sees us.

    SCENE II Day two 9am

    (The phone rings)

    Butler: Jaguar’s residence how may I help you.

    Nick: Hello. This is private detective Nick gold hunter may I please speak with Mr. Jaguar.

    Butler: Mr. Jaguar isn’t in but Mrs. Jaguar is.

    Nick: Well let me speak with her please this is extremely important.

    Butler: Okay. One Moment please.

    Mrs. Jaguar: Hello this is Ravine how may I help you?

    Nick: Hi Mrs. Jaguar this is Nick. I got the pictures and it’s just what we all suspected. There is reasonable cause to investigate this matter further.

    Mrs. Jaguar: Bring the pictures over at about 6pm. My husband will be back by then from London. He will be back home by then. Don’t eat anything nick we will discuss this matter over dinner.

    Nick: Yes Maim. I was never known to turn down a good cooked home meal. With being single and living alone I miss out a lot on the nourishments of that good old time soul food.

    Mrs. Jaguar: Do you like B-Que Cat fish?

    Nick: I most certainly do.

    Mrs. Jaguar: Well good then because that’s what we are having for dinner

    SCENE III At the Jaguar’s estate

    Butler: Good evening Mr. Gold hunter. May I take your hat and coat?
    Nick: Thank you.

    Butler: Please be seated here at the dinner table. The Jaguar’s will be coming down shortly from their study room.

    Nick: okay then.

    (MR. Jaguar shakes hands with Nick)

    Manasseh: good to see you Nick. I hear you have some new developments for us.

    Nick: Yes I do. And I think your going to find them very interesting.

    (While they are all eating Nick shows pictures of Laban’s body)

    Nick: The marks on his ankles here indicate that something was attached to his legs before he was drowned. These marks reveal that your son Laban was forcefully taken down in Vander Ville Lake.

    Manasseh: This was our only son. We can no longer have another due to Ravine’s condition. What cruel animal of a person could do this?

    Ravine: Why did they have to do this to me? (Ravine begins pulling her hair out and cry in frustration)

    Butler: Here’s a handkerchief Mrs. Jaguar.

    Ravine: Thank you Nebat (The Butler’s name). I want to know who’s responsible for this. I want them to pay with the loss of their children’s lives and see how it feels and hurts from a mother’s loss.

    Manasseh. Come now dear lets leave this revenge stuff up to god or for now at least the state.

    Ravine: Well speaking of the state. Why don’t you give your old pal state Senator Amon a call? He could help us out tremendously. As far as I know he’s still Chairman of the Criminal division subcommittee.

    Manasseh: After I finish talking to Nick I will give Senator Amon a call. I can no longer finish my meal I lost my appetite.

    Ravine: I’m going up stairs now. I not feeling well either.

    Manasseh: Nebat make sure she gets to our bedroom without falling or anything. I would hate to she her faint and fall down those three hundreds steps we have. Okay.

    Butler: Yes sir Mr. Jaguar

    Nick: Well Mr. Jaguar I must confess that was the best catfish I ever had in my life. I’m sorry you lost your appetite. With me being in this business for 20 years has given me a tough stomach. There’s not too much I haven’t seen out there.

    Manasseh: That’s why I hired you. All the compliments concerning the food will have to go to my butler Nebat. He has taken care of us for the last 10 years and has done a fine and excellent job at it.

    Nick: Well I hate to eat and run. But I do have some other matters to investigate. Please do not hesitate in contacting me at my office if you think you might need my services in the future. And I’m very sorry at the lost of your son Laban.

    Manasseh: thanks a lot. If I ever might need your services again, I hope it will be on a positive side, I sure enough will be in contact with you. I will also recommend you to some of my colleges. You might have heard that I have a reputation of rewarding those who perform outstanding work. (Mr. Jaguar hands a check for $ 20.000 thousands dollars)

    Nick: Thank you very much sir. You know this is far more than what I charge.

    Manasseh: Consider it a tip. And a gesture of my goodwill.

    Nick: I will and I’m going to divide this up equally with my partners John dewer and my secretary Toney.

    Manasseh: Spend it according to your needs and desires.

    Nick: Thank you very much for being so kind and generous and have a pleasant evening sir.

    Manasseh: Have a good night and drive carefully.

    Nick: Will do sir. It’s a full moon tonight and I plan on driving real slow. (The door closes as Nick leaves the Jaguar estate)

    (Manasseh alone on the phone in his private study)

    Switchboard operator: Hello you have reached the office of Senator Amon. How may I help you?

    Manasseh: Hi this is Mr. Jaguar and I would like to talk with Senator Amon if he’s in.

    Switch Board: Just one moment please. Senator Amon line two please its Mr. Jaguar.

    Senator. Hi there Manasseh how you doing? How is everything going?

    Manasseh: Well I hired a private detective and he has dug up, literally dug up, some information regarding my son’s death. The evidence leads to the conclusion that contradicts the version verson of his death being the result of an accident. Now since 1970-2000 there have been 35 black kids who have drowned in Vander Ville Lake and only two have been white. Now I know very well that back in the 1920’s and 30’s Vander Ville was the home of the Four K’s. I know this was a long time ago but old ideas are passed on to the new generations that come along. There has been a considerable amount of suspicion in the Black community that a secret organization like the Four K’s are responsible for all of these deaths. They are attempting to scare us off their lake because they think that this public park is for “Whites only”. Now you as an elected senator and friend I’m asking you to launch an investigation into this matter.

    Senator Amon: I agree that there is something going on. Just last week I received a letter from Commissioner A.J Jones from your district 7. I would like to read to you his letter to me. Would you like to hear it?

    Manaaeh: by all means yes please read it to me.

    Senator Amon: Dear Senator Amon:

    My girlfriend and myself went out to Vander Ville Lake at about 3am in the mourning. It was extremely dark out there. The only sunlight was that the moon was reflecting the light of the sun. This would of been an romantic moment for us until my eyes saw a big fire at a cottage house that was in the center of their backyard. The fire was about 7feet high up in the air. This big bonfire was at the edge of the lake about 10 feet away from the water. I ran fast to my car so I could get my binoculars out of the glove compartment. My eyes bugged out very large when I saw six men and five women stark naked dancing around in circular motions around this fire. One of these individuals had white chalk substances smeared all over his body. All the others had their regular faces on. (Man I wish I had a video camera). One of the women was carrying a big silver cup which the man with the white chalk on dipped his face into the cup. When his face merged out of the cup it was all red. I think this red substance was blood because I saw a young dead goat with his throat cut lying not far away from the fire. Then two naked men took the red-faced man by the arms and escorted me to the lake. They turned him upside down grabbed him by the legs and dipped his head in the water. They jerked him up and down until the red was gone. They then brought him out of the water then all the rest of the members patted him on the back and shook his hands. I then told my girlfriend I’ve seen enough. It was time to get the hell out of dodge. We drove 2 miles down the road before we turned on our headlights to avoid detection. I think that you should have the Criminal division subcommittee look into this.

    Sincerely yours,

    Commissioner A. J. Jones III
    Senator Amon: End of the letter. So what do you think?

    Manasseh: Well it sounds to me that they were initiating this individual into ritualistic cult.

    Senator Amon: That’s exactly what I thought and now with the evidence your private investagatetor obtained along side with a letter from commissioner A.J. Jones I think we can move forward with our investigations. I gonna need you to mail me copies of the photographs your private investigator took. After I receive your mail, I then will convene a conference/symposium that’s going to include Governor Smith, Attorney General Neely, and Chief Judge Thoth of Vander Ville County.

    Manasseh: I will federal express it today so you will probably receive the package tomorrow in the mourning

    Senator Amon: I will be looking for it on my office desk when I come in to work at 9am.
    It’s just a matter of time before we get to the bottom of this tragedy.

    SCENE V (At the Governors Mansion)

    Governor Smith: I want you (pointing his finger at Attorney General Neely) to get at the bottom of this. I want these ******** (The Four K’s) locked up **** it. I have all the information collected together from Senator Amon. Heads are going to roll if something isn’t done quickly. If this explosive information leaks out to the press and general public it probably will lead to race riots worser than the ones we had back in the 1960’s. Are you listening to me Neely?

    Attorney General Neely: Well I think the first step is for me to write a formal letter to Chief Judge Thoth requesting that he authorize the state police to start performing wire taps on all known Four K members and associates.

    Chief Judge Thoth: I’m not going to wait on your letter I’m going to give an open search warrant to the special crimes unit of the state police to begin their work today. I’m also authorizing the special crimes unit a license to conduct unorthodox methods and techniques. All forms of communication emails, faxes, regular letters, pagers and cell phones will be intercepted. All of this I’m hand writing now. (Thoth passes the handwritten letter to Attorney Neely).

    Senator Amon: I know that the black community will be pleased with this but we can’t tell them what we are doing because of the potential of race riots.

    Attorney Neely: Well what about The Jaguars?

    Senator Amon: Manasseh is a very responsible. You have nothing to fear.

    Attorney Neely: And the private dectectives.
    Senator Amon: Well if they want to make any more money in the state of Miner they will all keep their traps closed.

    Governor Smith: I’m confident that we can keep a lid on all of this.

    SCENE VI (2am Police stake out of Vander Ville Lake)

    Officer Flintstone: It’s been more than an hour now and we have yet to seen any activity. I guess there wont be any bonfire ceremonies tonight.

    Officer Ruble: Yeah it’s kind of hard having a bonfire when it’s raining.

    Officer Flintstone: Its been four days time since the chief Judge granted us permission to use unorthodox methods in cracking down on the Four K’s and we haven’t come up with anything yet. I’m tired of waiting around in cars pissing in empty pop bottles.

    Officer Ruble: Aint that the truth. I think that its time to start some more pro-active intensive investigations. After all we are authorize to do what we think we need to do. Now if I was a borderline cop I would walk inside that woman’s, (Kathleen) house where that fire scene was first reported, and I would start to integrate the hell out of her.

    Officer Flintstone: Well the time would be right if we do it now because her husband is at work so we wont have to worry about getting into any volatile confrontations. I say we go in there and do it.

    Officer Ruble: Man are you game or are you just talking ****?

    Officer Flintstone: Hell yeah motherf*#@!% I’m down whatever means that’s required.

    Officer Ruble: Well lets do this then. But first lets paint our faces jet black so we can scare the living daylights out of her.

    Officer Flintstone: And I’m willing to bet the **** and going to hit the draws.
    (Both start laughing their ***** off) I hope she doesn’t get a heart attack of seeing two officers painted black in uniform.

    Officer Ruble: So what if she does. They painted them selves ghostly white. And as far as I’m concerned it will be just one less Four K member to deal with.

    Narrator: The two officers break into the Kathleen’s house and wake her up from her sleep. She shits in her panties and screams as if she saw a real ghost.

    Officer Flintstone: Shut the F#@*+ up B…., this is the police put your hands up.

    Kathleen: but I don’t have any clothes on.

    Officer Ruble: Then get dressed god **** it.

    Officer Flintstone: Hurry it up because we got some questions for you to answer. (While Kathleen puts her clothes on officer Flintstone throws a question at her) Are you a member of the Four K’s?

    Kathleen: No sir officer but my husband Ken is one. I don’t like swimming and can’t stand the sight of blood so I was unable to perform the ceremonies to join.

    Officer Ruble: You and your group are in a lot of trouble I hope you are aware of that. We have information to believe your secret cult has been involved in the deaths of 35 children at Vander Ville Lake.

    Kathleen: This is all a bunch of ********. We, I mean they are not involved with any murders. This is all a publicity stunt hatched up by that civil rights writer Xenophon. Xenophon wrote an article in the newspaper called White Lagoon and dead Black kids, which influenced the Jaguar family and Commissioner A. J. Jones to start snooping around our lake. The Jaguar family is good friends with the Senator and was able to get things moving with them. I read the newspaper and I can read behind the lines. Xenophon is irresponsible writer who was just copying that black writer Jimmy Bald eagle who wrote a book Visions of my Black Children. (This book talked about the Los Angeles child murders back in the 1970’s)

    Officer Flintstone: Shut up your mouth. I heard enough of your ying yang. (Flintstone places his 45 pistol up against Kathleen’s head) Now if you don’t tell us whats really going on I’ll be forced to blow your brains out and decorate its pieces all up on your bedroom walls.
    (Kathleen starts crying and begins to panic. Now piss is running from her to meet up with the **** that’s already dropped from her bowels.

    Kathleen: I told you before I’m not a member of the Four K’s.

    Officer Ruble: Yes maybe. But you know about the organization Now we can make a deal with you if you talk. If you tell us how the organization operates we can talk with the chief judge and arrange a sweet deal for you. We will make sure you don’t have to do anytime.

    Kathleen: But I’ve done nothing.

    Officer Flintstone: Not reporting a crime is a crime. Haven’t you heard about the new law just enacted?

    Officer Ruble: But because you didn’t participate in any of the ceremonies we can offer you a pardon through the Governor. So then you will not have to worry about a thing.

    Officer Flintstone: Besides I looked into the police computer file while on our stake out. I read within the last 2 years the police have been called to this residence 13 times for domestic violence. Aren’t you tired of getting your *** beat by Ken? You don’t need to protect him anymore, we will protect you.

    Kathleen: If I start talking I want to be placed in a witness protection program for me and my two sons. I also want a new identity in a new residence in another state to live in. And some start up money and a job so I can provide for myself.

    Officer Ruble: I’m quite sure all of this can be arranged. We have done this in the past. But in exchange for all of this your going to have to provide us with some solid, vital information that we can used against the Four K’s.

    Kathleen: Well the information I’m about to tell you is mind alerting. You guys best take a seat so that you all can digest this properly.

    Officer Flintstone: Okay if you say so. Ruble make sure you’re writing all of this down on your notepad or tape recorder.

    Officer Ruble: I will.

    (Kathleen proceeds to tell all she knows about the four K’s)

    Kathleen: The four K’s never write anything down for they fear that someone outside the organization might get their hands on it and read it. I’ve watched their secret rituals many times from the back window of our kitchen. Often times I overhear my husband having conversation with other members over the phone. During the course of our 10-year marriage I’ve been able to put all of this together from fragments of information here and there. I’ve also been able to piece together all of their secret symbols and rituals together.

    Officer Ruble: I don’t mean to interrupt but how many members are there.

    Kathleen: About 20. No its 21. A new member was initiated about two weeks ago.

    Officer Flintstone: Tell us how some of the new members are initiated.

    Kathleen. Well white chalk is poured on new members faces, which is then dipped in goat’s blood, which in turn is washed off in Vander Ville Lake.

    Officer Ruble: So whats the meaning of this ritual?

    Kathleen: Well The four K’s letter stands for this:
    1. Knights of white power symbolize by the white chalk
    2. Kidnapping Black kids and drowning them in water
    3. The red goats blood stands for Kicking black people *** and putting them back in their place
    4. The last K stands for the Kinetic power they get from dancing Kinky around the fire.

    Officer Flintstone: I hope your writing all of this stuff down.

    Officer Ruble: Every word of it.

    Officer Flintstone: Wow! This fits the description of Commissioner A. J. Jones letter to Senator Amon.

    Officer Ruble: Give us all the names of the 21 members of this cult.

    Kathleen: 1. Victor Arbuses
    2. Jennifer Cones
    3. Diane Western
    5. Cindy Mindy
    6. Arnold Felix
    7. Antonio Justus
    8. Gina Rustbelt
    9. Cleomenes Garth
    10. Martin Jackman
    11. Becky Southwinds
    12. Descartes Clinty
    13. Plato Dubos
    14. Ken Winton, (Husband of Kathleen)
    15. Nicky Cox
    16. Vepucci Weber
    17. Montgomery Gould
    18. Caroline Walpoles
    19. Millet Frim;
    20. Bruce Ancus
    21. Anaxagoras Amory

    That’s all of them.

    Officer Flintstone: Thank you very much for all of your cooperation. We are going to forward all of these names back to Attorney General Neely. You will be rewarded for coming forward maim.

    Officer Ruble: But before we leave I just have one last queston Mrs. Winton.

    Kathleen: Yes go right ahead.

    Officer Ruble: When will the next meeting be held.

    Kathleen: April 1st. They hold their meetings once a month on the first day of the month. Usually the ceremonies begin late at night at about 2am.

    Officer Flintstone: Okay I think we have covered all that we need to know so far. I would like to thank you once again for all of the help you provided us tonight. I would like to apologize for the gun and black face trick but you must understand that the police department here has been frustrated in solving these mysterious deaths that has been going on for the past 30 years. We will protect you and your family. And for now just play like nothing has happened. We will be getting back with you shortly with a flight ticket and money to get out of the state.

    Kathleen: Thank you very much Officer Flintstone. I feel very confidant that you’re a man of your word and that you’re telling me the truth. I feel that you’re very honest.

    Officer Flintstone: Well thank you very much for the compliment. Just last tear I won officer of the year award. Compliments like yours keeps me on the force. 99% of the time a police officers job is a thankless one.

    Kathleen: I was unaware of that. Well congratulations

    Officer Flintstone: Thank you. Well I think its time for us to go. We have to report back to headquarters.

    (The two officers exits Kathleen’s house)

    SCENE VII (At the office of Attorney General Neely)

    Attorney general Neely: This is some good work Officer Flintstone and Ruble. Now governor Smith wants you two to round all 21 suspects up quietly and take them to the Zoo tomorrow. Do not make any radio contact for any assistance either. No police except the two of you are supposed to know of this.

    Officer Flintstone: The secret will be sealed under our lips.

    Officer Ruble: Not a soul shall know but us.

    Attorney General Neely: very good then. When you have all the suspects in custody call me up and I will meet up with you guys at the Zoo.

    Officer Flintstone: Yes maim. As soon as we have all 21 you will be notified.

    SCENE VIII (All suspects have been captured and locked up inside a Monkey’s cage)

    Narrator: All 21 Four K members are bound up in chains. Governor Smith, Attorney General, The Chief Judge Thoth and officer Flintstone and Ruble are all present.
    Officer Flintstone: hear he, hear he. Welcome everybody to the Kangaroo Court.

    Attorney General Neely: The state of Miner for the county of Vander Ville charges (All 21 defendants names are read) you all with 1st degree murder and other crimes against nature. We have all the evidence. All of you have been marked. Your names have been revealed. The punishment we demand is death.

    Ken Winton: Why can’t we have a regular trial inside a normal courtroom.

    Attorney general: silence. Officer put a muzzle on that dog’s mouth. Defendants are not allowed to speak.

    Governor Smith: The magnitude of the crimes warrants these special proceedings. This is an unordinary crime. And if the general public knew of this we would never have any racial healing ever in Vander Ville County and neither in the state of Miner. All of you will have to be killed immediately. You guys were just about to mess up the state of Miner’s tourism, which brings in big bucks to our state until the Jaguar family and their associates cracked this case. New Business thinking about coming in would of quickly set up shop elsewhere. I can’t have any of this stuff going on in my state. You guys are a disgrace to our race. You have something to say Attorney Neely.

    Attorney general Neely: Thank you Governor. I just wanted to add that there will be a scapegoat for all of this. And it will have to be a Blackman. One Blackman will be charged for all 35 murders. And in this way all the fears of secret white hate groups of blacks will be eliminated. This is the best thing for the state of Miner so that peace and harmony can be restored. Its better that we live under a bitter lie then have to deal with the painful truth of this situation.

    Governor Smith: Its time the four K’s all get a taste of your own medicine. The sentence shall be as follows: The first 11 of you shall be thrown naked into the shark pool with a poked wound in your buttocks. I want the sharks to smell your ***** before they have their meals. As far as I know the six sharks in the pool haven’t eaten for a week. Oh boy its gonna be a feast for them tonight. Ha Ha. Officer Flintstone escorts them away to the pool.

    Officer Flintstone: yes sir Governor.

    Governor Smith: Now for the last ten of you. You guys were the ringleaders. I’m gonna give you all the special four K treatment. Do you wanna know what that is. Well first:

    1. I’m going to hang you suspended in the air from a tree with the Knot of a rope.
    2. Then your going to hang Knee deep from the tree with just your legs touching the lake water where you committed all of these crimes.
    3. Then I’m going to use a portable Kerosene flamethrower to burn all of your flesh up slow and painful. While you’re burning up Officer Ruble will be poking you up with a harpoon.
    4. And this shall be the end of the proceedings of my Kangaroo court.

    (After the last person was executed the ashes of the body were thrown into the lake and everybody went home. Ten minutes later a 6 foot 2 inch figure emerged out of the lake. It walked straight out of the lake with both of its hands extended out. Its body was all pale white and its head looked like the face of a half man half fish type of thing. It began to growl and make funny sounding noises. Then water began to shoot out of it nose. It was just about to step foot on land then all of a sudden it stopped in its tracks, turned around and went back into Vander Ville Lake.

    Note: A couple of weeks ago I posted the poem to this story on the Afronet web page. This poem was original written with another poem Players Pool. Some how or another when I was cutting and pasting on my Microsoft word program a sentence was left stating that “This was a true story” which was in reference to Players Pool. I’m sorry if I really scared anyone. Now I know there have been a lot of young Black children who have died in the real Vander cook lake public park in Jackson County in the state of Michigan.


    Andre Austin

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    Wow! Great Story! Had my attention through every line.
    I felt a little of everything as I read it, laughter, fear, suspense ... great work indeed.


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    written... I too enjoyed this. It displays writer talent as well as the reality since you state that it is true. Question: Just howw true ? 100% 80% ??

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    The story isn't true but based on a composite on information put together.

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    During Holloween everybody should be reading this scarry play
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    Back on top.
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    dis story captured me inside waiting on pt.#2 coz i want more!!!!!!