Black Positive People : Create a self-love workshop for young black girls?


Apr 30, 2020
Young Black girls in Sweden need you more if you have experience and proper training to help guide and nurture them properly and not just pity them or to make this a part time hobby. It is something they deserve full time from your heart and not between some other job when you find time for them. Sorry.

I understand that. I have seen many people do workshops. It's not about whether I pity them or it's just a part-time hobby. I'm dark-skinned women I know how it feels like, I know how it feels like not being represented. I know how they feel. My aunt started a workshop ten years ago in another city in Sweden, and even then it was just on weekends. It's something these black girls can be at. Plus they all have schools Monday to Friday, so it's quite hard to keep it open during the day. I talked with many of them and so many felt like they didn't care when it was. It was important that it's made in the first place. Quality over Quantity.

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