Black Poetry : Crack Cocaine White Powder Floating On Death


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Crack Cocaine White Powder Floating On Death
By Jacqueline Amos

Emotional extremist, pressures placed upon creations,
White powder based with alcoholic beverage.
Castration of the battlefield within,
Crying out to be freed.
Shouting out for the inner peace.
Can you hear the bellowing sounds?
In hope of surrender;
Floating on a cloud in darkness.
Slow death suicide welcomes you
Heroin sister to death;
Poison upon my vain,
Shooting death into my vain.
Killing my babies before they enter earth.
Satan waiting in the back door
To claim my children’s fate.
HIV Satan child of death.
Sniffing on white powder.
Satan has already claimed his fate.

Zombies walking among the living dead.
Brothers against Brothers.
Selling instant death.
Satan sits back with a joint.
Watching the *** holes kill self.
Treason in Gods house.
Among the death of the human dead.

The celestial processes of elimination.
City beyond the streets of the beast.
Absent from the soul,
destruction darkness that lives within,
I brought it back, Tribulations.
Vessels of the living curse.

Keep your eyes on the mental,
The world is revolving, hold on to the sounds.
The universe whispers, grab on to the mental.
Genocide knocks at your door.

Climbing the mountains, monkey on my back.
Genocide entrapment, moving into context.
Dimensional experience, it sounds like crack.

Screaming in unison, genocide on my back.
Who is the oxymoron? Which portrayal is back?
Self-defeating horrors. Acquainted with darkness,
Spiritual war fairs, that ride my back,
The battle within. Recovery,
the dead portrayed by man,
the white lance lined with death.
The soul of the drunk,
Let me dye, I am already dead,
Legacy the living dead,
Sipping on white powder, laced with death.

Snowflakes that surround my face,
Mental genocide, toxins, poisons,
The kiss of death, I am already dead,
Sipping on white powder, laced with death.

God gave me the Calvary
I traded for Satan discoveries,
God gave me fortunes I sold it for darkness.
God gave me life.
I gave it to Satan for a 5 dollar high.
God gave me family.
I traded it in for a tray bag of instant death.

Copywriters 2002 Jacqueline Amos
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