Black Poetry : Cows Were My Audience

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    After drunken off the henny,
    out the clubs near birmingham,
    the united kingdom version where blacks,
    gathered looking starry night all rockets ready to blast off,
    rolling down the M highway throwing the middle finger up,
    i know the camera seen my concoction,
    all numbers and letters scrambled so there were no stopping,
    back to haddon down a tiny road filled pastures,
    you got the clydesdale plus mint for grasses,
    bunnies come around when the quails runs playful,
    i had a twenty sack of the bomb dozier with hash fore higher times,
    in the glove compartment cigars kept my rolls,
    from the backseat of the grey volvo,
    pen and pad of stories never told,
    i stopped to pull over where the cows are muthas,
    i felt they presence as i signal my progression,
    dog tags on my buff chest bare and naked,
    my belt below my waistline showing all draws,
    indeed the space within grew my hairy bluer balls,
    so i hopped on the top of the roof feeling rawer than ever,
    the full moon was out and one cow appeared out clever,
    i smiled then wrote a piece of love poetry from my soul,
    i gave her my best of loves completely exposed,
    she waggled her tail but then more came up,
    they were about fifty deep in hooves and moos,
    as the neighbors slept on i continued to express myself,
    openly with the cows while sharing my poetry with the full moon,
    i appreciated their patience and four legged standing ovation,
    when i finished my poetry all moos went to heaven,
    i miss speaking my words to and with the cows,
    cause they always listened no matter how much i written,
    even though i always had a feeling,
    that another human was always paying attention,
    back in haddon a small european village,
    cows were my audience.

    "Diary of a Black Man"