Black People : Covid-19 vaccines may have potentially unpleasant side effects


Jul 2, 2003

They take the virus, add a blocking gene and hope that by giving you the virus you build immunity.​

That is how they solved the flu.. trillions of dollars later a hundred years later. We are no smarter than we were during the 1918 pandemic.​


Covid-19 vaccines may have potentially unpleasant side effects​

Early data suggest several of the coronavirus vaccines may cause people to feel crummy for a few days. And then they'll need a second dose.
The vaccine, and likely most others, will require two doses to work, injections that must be given weeks apart, company protocols show.

Scientists anticipate that the shots will cause enervating flu-like side effects — including sore arms, muscle aches and fever — that could last days and temporarily sideline some people from work or school.

And even if a vaccine proves 90 percent effective, the rate Pfizer touted for its product, 1 in 10 recipients would still be vulnerable.
That means, at least in the short term, as population-level immunity grows, people can't stop social distancing and throw away their masks.


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Jan 30, 2020
The virus is naturally occurring. We have a believer in Trump Conspiracy Theories in our midst.

The following is from the Website of Science Daily:

COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic has a natural origin​

Date: March 17, 2020

Source: Scripps Research Institute

Summary: An analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered.

"The novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that emerged in the city of Wuhan, China, last year and has since caused a large scale COVID-19 epidemic and spread to more than 70 other countries is the product of natural evolution, according to findings published today in the journal Nature Medicine.

"The analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered.

"By comparing the available genome sequence data for known coronavirus strains, we can firmly determine that SARS-CoV-2 originated through natural processes," said Kristian Andersen, PhD, an associate professor of immunology and microbiology at Scripps Research and corresponding author on the paper.

"In addition to Andersen, authors on the paper, "The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2," include Robert F. Garry, of Tulane University; Edward Holmes, of the University of Sydney; Andrew Rambaut, of University of Edinburgh; W. Ian Lipkin, of Columbia University."


When you have individuals making wild and unproven claims that the Covid-19 and other coronaviruses were created in a lab, demand proof! Don't accept their word.

People who do this are full of it. They are espousing the same racist garbage that Donald Trump does.


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