Black Poetry : Cousin is crying! ( ON DEATH & DYING)

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    Auntie was dying my cousin was crying
    Images playing havoc with her brain
    Caring for loved ones is such an incredible
    drain, and yet when their passing to Glory
    everlasting we hold on and try to keep
    them here.

    Cousin was crying , My Mother is dying
    can you please come and be with me
    Mine is for the doing and my heart is
    wide open, "Yes I will be there for you!"
    But you must face this bravely for there
    is comfort and rest for the saved see
    and death is not the end.
    I know at this moment you don't want
    to hear that and this you may not

    But death and dying are significant
    matters in which some cultures lack
    faith, what a waste, the sack cloth
    and ashes, falling into the casket
    when we should be celebrating
    the life lived instead. There is nothing
    to dying when a soul is at rest and
    once you are dead, what else can
    be said. Flowers and sad songs do
    some sing, black dresses and memorial
    do ring, I wish every funeral I have to
    attend could be like the ones in New Orlean's
    where everyone both weathy and pauper
    are celebrating as though annointing a king

    Yes , grief does bring sadness, and overwhelming
    sadness at that.
    But, when God is calling a loved one home we must
    simply accept the fact.
    It is not a cruel act, it is a sweet surrender, to be
    placed in his arms warm and tender.
    To return from whence we came.
    To a place where if we have lived right Heaven is the name.

    My cousin is crying! My auntie is dying, I have been the
    spokesperson at many such occassions. A cup at first I was
    unwilling to bare. But if God would have me bare witness
    then I most certainly need to be there.
    Yes, my dear cousin you are losing your mother.
    But look what she left you three sisters and a brother.
    And extended family galore.
    I know you love her and really adore her.
    But, let your sweet mother know, that it is well with
    your soul and she can now let go!
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    The total display

    u brought life back and beauty ......i loved this one :kiss: