Chief Elder Osiris : Court Reject Reparation Case, Without Prejuduce

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, first let me commend Sister Deadria and her co-workers, who have chosen to approach the issue of Reparation using the court system, even though I have my reservation about using this venue to redress our Enslaved Ancestors claim of right to restitution in the form of Reparation, for the crime that was committed against them, by america federation of States, United in the implementation of Chattel Slavery of which they benefited and profit from.

    I think we error when we look at and treat the case of Chattel Slavery and its Class,as being no difference than a case involving Civil Rights Violations and its Class of Plaintiffs, to do so is not to draw a distinction between Civil Rights Violations and Hue - Man Rights Violation.

    Civil Rights Violations are expected to be redressed in the Civil Courts of that society, where the alleged wrong is claimed to have taken place but Hue - Man Rights violations demand a much more higher level of institution redress, as a matter of fact, it demand the highest level that a world society,claiming to be civilized has established to hear and measure out Justice to those whose Hue - Man Rights have been violated.

    Here in my opinion are the three major Defendants in the Chattel Slavery Case, The Congress Of The United States Of America, The Crown Of England And The Catholic Church. Such Defendants I know, NOBODY WANT TO TOUCH, but to not touch them, make us out to be condemning the Truth and Elevating the Lie concerning Chattel Slavery and the abusive pain and suffering, even unto death, Our Enslaved Ancestors experienced.

    The Culprits who are hiding behind Time and seemingly lacking the courage and Spirit of Fairness to deal with such a commanding issue as Chattel Slavery, happen to be the United States Congress and The United Nations,as well as the African Union of States in Africa.

    Now some of you might say, why the AU and I say, so we Black Africans can show to the world a relationship of unity in the regard for demanding Justice for our Enslaved African Ancestors and such union of Harmony will generate into such power of persuasion until it will convict the guilty parties who played a part in constructing and implementing that devilish institution call Chattel Slavery.

    Such is what I mean about, it not being the criminal that committed the crime of Chattel Slavery that will decide this case, it will be the victims and Reparation is a Just punishment and we will decide when such a conviction and sentence will be carried out and nobody else.

    If the Black Nation Family do not unite in demanding Justice for our Enslaved Ancestors, such neglect would be the highest order of disrespect we can show to ourselves first, as well as to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    For us to not be able to put aside our petty differences and warped sided Ego's and proceed to go all sort of different ways in dealing with Reparation it would be and is liking to us shooting ourselves in the foot, making tracks and getting no where.

    Here is what should be the first order of business, in regard to Reparation, there should be a coming together with the Chairman of the AU, all of the Black Head Of Island States in the Diaspora and the Organization Leaders in america and other parts of the Diaspora, who are committed to the issue of Reparation, with the inclusion of people Such as, Sister Deadria, Minister Farrakhan, CEO Silis Muhammad, Elder Reed, Brother Anderson, Brother Pruitt, Sister Dorothy Lewis, Brother Hannibal Afrik, Minister Malik Shabazz in Detroit, Brother Conrad, Brother Bey of the UNIA AND PLEASE IF I HAVE MISSED SOME ONE And You Feel You Should Be Among this esteem group, IT WAS NOT INTENTIONAL AND PLEASE CONSIDER YOURSELF A PART OF THIS ESTEEMED GROUP, if your passion is for Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors..

    The doubting Thomas will immediately say, in no way is such an undertaking possible and I say such thinking is what will defeat the issue of Reparation.

    Such people mention above, if able to unite and harmonize with each other, around the issue of Reparation, can and will hold the fate of Reparation in their Mind, thus making it to become a reality and not the criminal that caused the institution of Chattel Slavery to be.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation