Black People Politics : COUNTDOWN: Kevin Hart already apologized. Despite his frontin', he will do it again.


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Aug 21, 2012
Look at what I highlighted:


That's an apology straight out. He said this issue has come up a number of times and he's expressed how he's a "now versus who [he] was then" person. Basically saying, he wouldn't say now what he did back in circa 2011. He's saying he's grown and matured and is more sensitive to that community.

That's an apology.

Hart is frustrated over what he knows the establishment wants him to do. They want him to go further: They want him to grovel like MSNBC Host Joy Reid did. And trust and believe, he will grovel. Watch.

Groveling, upon an "offense" are the fines and costs one pays for being in that part of the illusion.

He's trying to act tough, probably will even try to get a black power card for support. But it won't work. He doesn't have what it takes to fight the illusion. He's pretending like he does. But, after all, he's an actor. In the end, like Joy Reid and Marc Lamount Hill, as well as countless others, Hart will grovel. It's the price you pay to keep your name in lights.

Hart will find out that, in the illusion, you don't get to choose your own personal opinions and preferences---even as they apply to your own sons and daughters. He will find out that whatever moral compass he grew up on has been smashed and is no longer workable and he is now demanded to accept and spread the new moral compass courtesy of the handlers of the illusion.

He will apologize as often and as intense as the establishment instructs him to.

Welcome to Hollywood.

Countdown to Grovel....Watch.
I hate to think you may be right Perfection. These are different times we live in. You can't say anything in public that gives the appearance of being anti-(white) women, anti-LGBTQ or anti-Jews. All of them can come for you if you do and ruin you. SOA is right, when it comes to Blacks, we don't get the right to scream "foul" when we are called names that reflect negatively on us and clearly shows that the name caller is a racist. We get shot and killed every day but what changes? Nothing. But, what else is new?
You can't say anything in public that gives the appearance of being anti-(white) women, anti-LGBTQ or anti-Jews.

Queenie, I've come to the position where I don't 'hate the playa, hate the game' type of mentality. (That old saying I'm sure you're familiar with). Within the context of game theory, one cannot get mad at those who know how to play the game well.

In this argument, my focus lay with black men who support this black woman hating guy. You cats ain't defending him because he's taking a stand against black men dressing up as women:


Yall scared to deal with the real issues. You cowards.

For me, they are just as weak and pathetic and useless as Hart knowing this dude be cold-dissing our women. But they forget about the diss and support him anyway effectively saying that, to them, when Hart and other guys call Black Women "broke az dark hoes," they agree with him; because they hate Black Women too but many don't wanna admit it. And a lot of these black men are those who raise the anti "racism/white supremacy" flag. Fake as a mutherfizzles. Yall make me sick.

It ain't that much funny in the world to allow this type of disrespect against our Black Women. These hurtful, mean-spirited words against our women which buries the esteem and attack the personality and then yall wanna come and blame the "white man" because you ain't got enough smarts to do the basics: respect your woman and be sure she is respected. But instead many get rich off digging the graves of our women and then you laugh calling Black Women hoes and sluts and say it's "funny."

That ish ain't funny.

How in the fizzle is me calling your black mother a bch funny you knuckle head?:hammer:

And all yall from Hollywood, within the walls of the universities, network and social media, and even to the message boards who support him are a bunch of weak, coward az cats for coming to the rescue of a dude who hates your black mothers, black daughters and black sisters.
20181211_185811.jpg 20181211_212652.jpg

LESS THAN A MONTH AND COUNT DOWN COMPLETE: (yea, I thought so...these cats only "act" like they tough on screen, on the courts and on wax but they eventually are schooled, like the rest of us, that we are still 17th century slaves. He thought he could control his own existence lol...because he got money and making movies lol.

He thought he was a boss lol! And had many black folk thinking he was a boss talking about how he wasn't gone apologize again lol. And many black people supported him hoping he could be the dude who could really stand his ground, be tough and resolute and represent the people lol.

But I knew better. He never had me fooled because I know how to read realities. For one, Hart doesn't like Black Women.

For two, you can rarely expect someone in Hollywood to be real. We had a better chance of that happening back in the 60s. But now, lol, you got the black populace supporting (socially and financially) black dudes who denigrate Black Women so there's no way in the world you can expect people like Hart to be bout that life for the people.

I'm glad I'm smart enough to know that:research:
But ain't nothing changed. We're [still] just enslaved people given (not taking) modern luxuries to enjoy while we're being oppressed).

And just like I was proven right about Hart, I will be proven right about "black voting." It's a magician's trick black people engage in to make themselves feel better about their oppression. All these black politicians and ain't nothing changed for the masses of black people yet others will still advocate people to vote. Not smart.



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