Black Poetry : Couldn't Have Lived it Any Other Way

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    it was years ago let the truth ago
    when I first existed as a seed
    then i was formed into a baby yet just maybe
    I would see things in a sought after vision
    a nurse held me in her arms
    saying this child would grow to reach the masses
    soon after I would grow to become an altar boy what a joy
    then i was sixteen flipping burgers down at Mickey D's
    thinking all of life was just a mystery
    then I met my first girl putting my life in such a twirl
    in time I would shine as the prom king all the girls would scream
    then the leader of my play still thrills me until this day
    1989 wrote my first poem, "Remembrance of a loved one"
    cozy in the ride of a brand new Mustang
    then ran into a street thing took my breath away
    although those many years would pass
    still I had every good reason to grasp
    what true love really meant
    yet it was only lust in disguise
    was listening to the devils ill faded lies
    does all of this logic come at any big enough surprise
    took up acting in college learning with lots of knowledge
    then it leads up to today
    written over 2,000 poems & 3 short stories
    never was my name up there in lights but one day i just might
    be remembered for my poetry that is the only way I could face reality
    what was I will to achieve
    sweet victory as I take my next breath
    feelings that I touched many a heart along my stay
    every day willing to bow the head to pray
    yet I couldn't have lived it any other way