African American History Culture : Could Reparations Help Close the American Racial Divide?


Jul 4, 2019
To determined what is owed, the calculation consists of the number of slaves (3,950,528), times a rate of pay or the value of 20 acres and a mule, times 400 yrs, which equals roughly 900 billion dollars...

Of course all numbers above are based on existing figures of or in 1865.

Thanks...At least thats workable and seems reasonable...Let me think about it for a bit.

Good point though.

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Apr 12, 2013
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No, any descendant of slaves having a net worth of 250,000 or more should not receive a pay out

Dream of reparations for slavery full of thorny problems

James S. Robbins
Man please, reparations will not be paid to any individuals! It will be paid to the separatist government we will establish in this country by any means necessary!!! Said government will use the money and land to build for the people! I know you probably think this will never happen, but happen it must, because Afrikans and Europeans have irreconcilable differences! We have never lived together in peace and harmony, and probably never will. We can govern ourselves. We've done it before!!!


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Mar 1, 2010
Brothers still fighting.

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I know i'm old school but all parties to be b slapped for being in disneyland in the first place lol

then another b slap for fighting where mickey mouse, minnie, goofy and donald prevail lol seriously.

if they did have any street cred, all and any street cred should be revoked!


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Mar 1, 2010
No, it may happen. It just wont be as much as we think we deserve. Plus, it will let them off the hook

let "them" off the hook? lol. what hook are "they" on? lol smh No it won't happen and i'm an optimist. You couldn't even pry a gun from Charleston Heston's cold dead hands, and he was talking to other white people. You think you getting money from these people lol. I would be first in line to receive money because my ancestors clearly arrived in north carolina, that is my lineage. I'm also knowledgeable enough to know this reparations thing is never happening. Just like "we've" never be on the moon, we'll never see a dime.............................................unless we take it.
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