Chief Elder Osiris : Could It Be That The Afrikan Suffer From A Case Of Catatonia/Schizophrenia ?

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    > Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:
    > You know beloved, I am really concerned about Afrikan people, no I mean
    > concern in such a way to the point I have been closely observing the
    > Afrikan behavior in the world.
    > Now my professional schooling is in Sociology/Political Science and do not
    > get me wrong, I do not profess to be an intellectual in neither field,
    > just well learned and therefore along the way of what I am about to say
    > about the attitude and behavior of Afrikan people,I might have to call on
    > Dr. Hare for guidance and maybe his opinion about what I am about to say
    > about what I have observed of Afrikan people.
    > Beloved, sad to say but maybe, just maybe, we Black Afrikans are really
    > mentally sick and is only acting under the ailment that we suffer from,
    > which bring me to share with you my observation of Black Afrikan people
    > and regardless of where it is we reside, we carry the same mental customs
    > of being psychological imbalance, to the degree that we carry the attitude
    > and behavior of a catatonia/schizophrenia victim.
    > Beloved, I am godly serious about this and I am not saying this as a put
    > down and by now at least, some of you should have observed how much I love
    > and respect the Black Afrikan People, so it is not easy for me to say what
    > I am saying about what I observe of Black people attitude and behavior in
    > the world.
    > So, for those of you who might not have a clear understanding of the
    > symptoms that is displayed, suffering from catatonia /schizophrenia mental
    > ailment, well, here it is.
    > Catatonia - a slowness of movement, sometime fall into a mental stupor,
    > anybody can control you, full of negativism and can become mute at times,
    > truly a victim of having a schizophrenia mental disorder.
    > Schizophrenia - A mental disorder mark by loss of awareness of reality, as
    > well as with a disturbance of behavior and the inability to reason.
    > Beloved tell me that such a description that reflect a mental imbalance,
    > does not reflect upon us Black Afrikans.
    > We act as if there is not one thing that disturb us about the way we are
    > disrespected and treated in the world and when it come time for us to act
    > in our behalf, we become immobile, unable to express our discomfort in a
    > defiant way.
    > We are slow to anger when it come to how we are being treated in the
    > world, we act as if we are mute when it come time for self expression of
    > our dislikes to the white man, we are negative to most things that come
    > from an Afrikan that speak to the truth about our oppression and who it is
    > that is responsible for our oppressed and depressed state of mind.
    > The Afrikan is totally unaware of what it is we must do to save our soul
    > and we are totally disconnected from reality, when it come to us facing
    > our condition and the cause for such and most certainly we have lost our
    > ability to reason and be logical when assessing our present condition in
    > the world.
    > Beloved, surly and without a doubt, we Afrikan move today without the mind
    > of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, as we go into a stupor acting as a
    > mental deranged Afrika people, with a sickness that fit the psychological
    > deformity of a Catatonia/Schizophrenia and that is why we Afrikans move in
    > our state of oppression and depression, acting as if all is well with the
    > Afrikan.
    > The Afrikan involve ourselves discussing things that to a sane healthy
    > mind, will fit way down on the list of priorities of things we need to be
    > turning our attention to, which will bring about a constructive change to
    > our Soul, Heart and Spirit in our Life.
    > There is no doubt that Chattel Slavery treatment and the action of
    > colonialism, did and do in fact has an effect in shaping the attitude and
    > behavior of the Afrikan, regardless of where we are in this world because
    > we act as if we all carry the disease of a Catatonia/Schizophrenia.
    > So I ask, have we not paid attention to how we behave toward each other
    > and the little mental derange games we play with each other, fitting the
    > description of a people who has gone through a mental metamorphous?
    > Beloved, it is Time for the Afrikan to make effort to reclaim our mind, so
    > we can get busy in saving the Afrikan Nation, a Nation that now behave,
    > reflection a people with a sickness reflecting a Catatonia/Schizophrenia
    > state of mind, a mind the white man so cause to be of the Afrikan.
    > It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!
    > We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!
    > It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )
    > I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.
    > Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation
    > Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey
    > Hoteph
    > Osiris
    > Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    > National Chairman
    > Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    > [email protected]
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    Beyond my own understanding
    What you are saying is so true!
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    All I can say is WORD!
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    Beloved One:

    When we go to the Below Link we will see a list of what is causing all of this, and there is more to that list.
    How can we discuss Unity & not DisUnity-The Scars of Shame, deadly poison within us?

    What we need to do:

    1. Desire a will to know how did our people get this way.
    2. Who did it to our people.
    3. Why they did it to our people.
    4. What we must do to get back to our once divine Mind-set.

    Many of our people think this way is normal.

    Many of our people are so gravely severed with the Hot Iron of lies and deception to the point of no return to their Once Divine right mind-set.

    I will always have a Compassion for sick people.

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