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    MASS BLACK VOTES: = A Bag of Cotton
    By Andre Austin

    The sun has set now and my labor can’t be exploited no more. I’m marching up to the big white/house with my bag of cotton. Shall I be like Uncle Tom and help my ill black sister with her bag of cotton that has come up short so that she don’t get a butt naked whipping? Uncle Tom got a bad rap. Tom was more human than others saving a white child from death and refusing to snitch out on some runaways. He ends up dying stretched out on a stake looking like a Jesus figure on the Cross. The novel helped spark the civil war but ended up being the worst character a black could be. Almost like the blacks using voodoo dolls in Haiti to help stop the white man and the Mullatoes from enslaving the blacks. I always wondered how you can use the devils tools to get rid of the devils operation of slavery. Voodoo is relative just like Christians making up wafers or bread dough models of Christ body to invoke special powers; a ritual first conceived on the banks of the Nile. To accomplish the analogy as a logical feat you have to admit God sanctioned whites to enslave blacks. Not I think God is mainly neutral but didn’t approve of this type of slavery. Second class citizenship for blacks will only end when we can recognize political, economic, religious and social trends and policies that are detrimental to us as a group and collectively demand to eradicate all of them.

    The Mass of black people still live in a state of economic, religious and political slavery in the United States.

    If democracy means Senators, Governors, presidents represent people the majority of the laws would benefit the poor. But we know if you’re an adult and sick you are treated like a dog. You are expected to go crawl in a corner and die or let hospice speed up putting you to sleep or I call euthanasia. The health care system is set up to help prevent poor people from getting sick to a point where it will cost the state/federal government certain amounts of money. When you get to the limit of needing organ transplant, surgeries, chemotherapy they don’t want to help you anymore and look for you to die to save them money unless you have children under 18 because the dependents will get a check from SS. Or look at Michigan that created laws to overthrow 50% of black pop elective representation because of fiscal hard times. Its just another means to crush unions and award contracts based on political syndicate. This is nothing more than big time gangsters moving in on new territories for private cronies monetary greed.

    1. Black people are the only group in America who expected to vote and not to ask or get anything in return for their votes. This would be the equivalent of picking cotton all day and turning it in the market only to receive verbal and physical abuse.

    2. The majority of blacks are poor, working poor or lower middle class. This is the democratic party base but the never invoke these groups in their vocabulary. As a matter of fact they are more concerned with wooing a 2-4% of a Jewish vote in one state than respecting the 50 million blacks.

    3. No bankruptcy is permitted for poor college students whether or not they graduate. They are now a slave to the debt, in chains until death.

    4. The IRS audits focus is on the poor. Why don’t they audit the federal reserve?

    5. All public disapproval and criticism of the police, government, courts or big corporations will pull a trigger of government monitoring and surveillance. The goal is to get dirt on you and character assassinate you; discredit you before public eyes.

    6. The federal reserve is a collection of private banks designed to get governments in debt so that they be forced to tax the mass of the people to pay usury and interest for the rest of their lives. Goal is achieved mainly through funding wars and the military industrial complex.

    7. Laws are designed only to bring about Equality in taxes. Meaning a person who makes $10,000 a year be taxed the same as a person who makes $150,000 a year. This isn’t equality when we can compare one family of the Wal-Mart corporation owning the equivalent of the collective bottom 30% of USA income.

    8. Blacks have failed to use intelligent gathering in the library, social media, Youtube, face book, Wikipedia is a potential accelerant not a cause to see how corporate moguls, politicians, and religion suppress the masses. The reverse is true gov use their intelligence gathering to suppress the masses of the people.

    9. Math and Science with black students must be more popular than the Arts and entertainment. A balance must be bridged together. I advise students to look up Khan and on the internet. Blacks kids fear and are intimated away from taking tough classes. In education, the tougher the better. This is a national security issue because only 30% of applicants can pass the military test.

    10. The black elite will be recruited by the Democratic party to appear in media outlets to complain that the Republicans are racist and hate poor people as a means to rally the mass of black voters. They will also talk about laws enacted to suppress black votes. After the election these black elites disappear then the poor are discarded after their use is used up until the next 4 year election cycle.

    Black people in America will have to start rethinking how they are herded in the political process like sheep and cattle. We have options to vote or to boycott a vote. The days of Politicians using the black vote like a bag of cotton is starting to fade. We have a black president but we are in meaner economic times than ever. This means that the future of blacks must look inward of buying & selling within ourselves. W.E.B Dubois once said capitalism is like three ears of corn: “You eat one, you sell one and you save one for seed for next years planting”. Black civilization would also rise if we had kids at the age of 35-40 within one generation. When black people are treated as full partners in the economic, social and political life as equals then our votes will not be counted the same way as they counted our bags of cotton in 1850.