Chief Elder Osiris : Cosby, You Can't Blame White People?

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    Jan 3, 2002
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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved sit back buckle your seat belt and listen careful.

    I am going to come out swinging using the weapon of Justice, and Truth in my
    offence against all skillful, deceiving, pleasing white folks Negroes in

    Now I know there are many of us who fit that description but I am just going
    to deal with the integration / assimilation Negroes in america for right

    We poor and denied Black people, did not pick this fight but I am here to
    let you know, we will no longer sit back and allow white pleasing Negroes to
    continue to attack us by blaming us for the problem white folks cause to
    happen to us.

    The statement Mr. Cosby made, should serve as a wake up call to the Black
    Nationalist, the front line of defense to poor Black people and I must say
    to you my Black Nationalist, we have been doing a piss poor job in defending
    the truth about what is the truth concerning the oppression, low self esteem
    and injustice poor Black people has to face every day in the Negro good old

    Now,I just was able to only see excerpts of Tavis Smiley interview with
    Mr.Cosby, concerning his poor people bashing.

    First of all, you can not get to the truth nor shed light on the truth, when
    you have the pot interviewing the kettle.

    Mr. Cosby seem to be fixated on this idea of, we can not blame white people
    for our problems and I am here to tell him, not only can we blame white
    people we must blame white people for our state of MIND in america, and then
    I will go a step further by saying,not only can we blame white people for
    our attitude and behavior of despair and discontent, we can also blame the
    Negro integration / assimilation advocate for Black poor people problem as

    Yes you Negro!!! You have pimped the poverty and injustice Black poor people
    suffer in america for your own personal selfish gain.

    Never have you told them the Truth about what it is we must do to relieve
    ourselves as Black poor people, from america pressure of injustice, you only
    have spend your time planning on how you can benefit from such Black

    You my dear Black Nationalist in many ways are just as guilty in letting
    down our poor disadvantaged Black people.

    We have let them down by sitting back and allowing the Negro pimp of Black
    poor people to just have a field day in exploiting Black poor people to
    their white masters.

    No more!!! The Time has come and now is for all true Black Nationalist to
    rise up and stand our ground against the warped minded Negro integration /
    assimilation peddlers.

    Now here they come or at least one of them, blaming poor people for the
    unacceptable job they are doing in parenting our children.

    So I ask, have you taken into account the environment we Black people are
    in, here in america, such environment is conducive to breeding the very
    behavior of most Black people in america display and now is being attacked,
    using the victim as being the perpetrator of the crime against itself, how
    foolish have we become.

    The call come out by the likes of a Mr. Cosby, stating you can not blame
    white people for our problem and I say we most certainly can and is correct
    in doing so but the problem is, we poor people have, to use a phrase of
    Malcolm, been bamboozle by Negroes who have been allowed to slip through the
    racist prejudice fabric of white america and serve as a false positive to
    Black poor people in america.

    I am here to tell you my dear beloved,not only must we blame white people
    and the likes of statements being made by Mr. Cosby, we must demand from
    white people Justice and to the likes of Mr. Cosby, stop serving as a
    distraction to Black poor people,so they may see clearly the glass full of
    evil, as it is being poured out upon us in america.

    I so challenge all of the likes of Mr. Cosby and Tavis Smiley to take up the
    issue of Reparation and organized a forum on Reparation so the Truth can be
    told about what it is that Black poor people must do, so they can become
    acceptable parents, and their sons and daughters won't have to crave for
    $500 sneakers, and mothers will be able to sleep well at night not worrying
    about their sons and daughter and the white man prison system will have to
    go out of business for the lack and presence of our young Black sons and
    daughters for them to prey upon.

    Here you stand telling Black poor people the lie, they can't blame white
    people which suggest to the sons and daughters caught up in amewrica
    prejudice Racist web, just blame their parents?

    Black Nationalist, we must challenge this hockey dodo every where its stench
    of deception raise its unpleasant head.

    I demand equal Time before Mr.Smiley to discuss Mr. Cosby Statement and I
    extend an open invitation to Mr. Cosby and Mr. Tavis to come on my talk show
    as a guess so we can talk further about these matter, that is if Truth is
    their interest.

    I am the host on the Harambee Radio Network, every Tuesday evening from 7 TO

    My E-Mail Address is [email protected].

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

    Complete Love To Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Only The Devil Is Displeased With This Message.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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    Dec 25, 2003
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    Osiris, I will speak my mind here. You are incorrect in some ways.

    I come from a family who didn't have a lot, but we had love, a roof over our head (even though it was not big enough for nine people), food, medical care, etc.

    My dad was not a lazy man who neglected his wife and kids like a lot of black men today. Men of his generation took care of home. My mother was loved and cherished and was a homemaker all their married life until she died.

    I look at the pathetic conditions of the neighborhoods in Wilmington, Delaware. Trash everywhere. Drug dealers on the street and about every week, a black man being shot by another black man. So, do you blame the WHITE man for nasty black people who prefer to have their streets littered or prefer not to get an education, or sell illegal drugs, or populate the world with illegitimate children who are abused and neglected by either father or mother?

    There are many black people who have tried to shine the light on other blacks. Many I know prefer to be downtrodden, stay on welfare, quit school, and take on negative behaviors in life. They, like me and others, could have chosen to get an education and work HARD for things in life.

    One thing I regret is that I had two children and didn't marry, BUT I was not a welfare queen. I raised my kids alone, but with the help of the Heavenly Father, Jehovah God. I praise His name and give My Heavenly Father the highest honor for that!

    I'm tired of whining black folks blaming others for their failures in life. It was my mission to get more black college students into our intern program at work, but guess what? You give them the information and they don't even bother to apply!

    Many black people want things given to them and NOT work for it. I can tell you about 18 year old young foolish girls who get pregnant just to get a low-income apartment and move their trifling, lazy negro men in! I see this daily. I see a young 18-year old two houses down with a year-old child and pregnant with another. And she has the NERVE to get up in my son's face.

    I have nephews who prefer to wear pants off their ***** and look like bums, selling drugs. One of them spent 10 years in jail for murder, only to be out two years and back in again. Did the white man do this to him?

    A brother who spent five years in prison, got out and went back in again for another five years. All he ever hollered about was "the white man". The white man did not make him sell drugs either.

    He had a promising career. Was in the military and had good jobs!

    So, you can get upset about what I say, but I will speak my mind. I would even get in your face with the same words, Osiris. So, in closing, I hope you had on YOUR seatbelt and took your smelling salts. It's time to stop blaming others for failures in life. You make the decision to do whatever and there is NO white man or woman who EVER kept me from having things in life. All because my Father in Heaven is powerful than any human and even if a white person may have not wanted me to achieve things, they are puny and powerless before Him. Keep that in mind and you won't be ranting about white people.
  3. Chief Elder Osiris

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    My Beloved of course you should always speak your mind and no I am not up set because you see, I understand why you say the things that you do, even when you do not.

    I remain firm on what I have said in this regard and I most certainly know the reason why I have said the thing I have in this regard.

    I only ask that you really think about the things you have said and the reason you have said them as you have.

    Much Love
  4. pdiane

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    As I read my people's point of veiws, they are very passionate about expressing and acknowledging the blight and the self-destructive ways of our people. Rarely, however, do I hear them delve into why our people are so self-hating and destructive.

    They got the problem down pact but don't have the the reasons for the problems. It is easy to agree with bill, but it is hard to critically argue his points of veiw because many of us don't research and many of us don't read other than the white controlled media. The daily racist newspapers that depict in negative ways as much as possible.

    READ Dr. Claude Anderson, "Black Labor, White WEalth, READ Randall Robinson's "The Debt", "Quitting America", READ Alex Haley "The Auto-Biography of Malcolm X" READ Dr. Raymond Winbush "...Raparations" READ S.E. Anderson's "The Black Holocaust for Beginners" These authors clearly state what has happened to us as a people, as Afrakans here in amerikkka. What continues to happen to us as well.

    You who agree with cosby must be clear about what is covertly and overtly being done to us every day of our lives and everyone is not strong enough to overcome these obstacles that are constantly be laid out in our path.
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    I really think there are disruptors in this forum that are spewing lies and hatred from afar. But the light will always shine through the darkness. The hatred for yourself, vj57, is the reason you so vehemently detest the ones of US (yes I said US) that are on the road to self-destruction. Love yourself, Know yourself, and you will not continue to bash your brothers and sisters with the hammers of ignorance and hatred. You will begin to love them as Christ loved the sinners and his crucifiers alike. Christ did not sit around and talk about "trifling young black girls" and "lazy negroes"(why such hatred?) but offered and MANIFESTED solutions (fed the masses, healed the sick, cast out demons, etc.) to the problems of his day. Christ immediately changed the lives of those around him for the better (With a smile, I might add) and yet you seem "hell-bent" on wallowing in the muck of finger pointing and disgust. Once again, Love yourself, Know Thyself, and you will begin to Know and Love others.

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    betwixt and between
    My Dear Beloved Chief Elder Osiris,

    Thank you for bringing the very elevated way you think and live to this community. You give me much to strive for.

    Much Love and Peace.


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    he who have power to scatter has power to gather!
  8. BlackKing

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    I'm half and half on this issue.

    Although some of what Bill Cosby said last year was true about our black youth, I feel in many ways he's displaying hypocrisy at its best. He claims (almost verbatim) that black kids today use too much vulgarity, negatively depicts themselves in music and motion pictures, and their is a reduction in positive representations of black parenting in the inner-city. This to me, is a prime example of what happens when select blacks who used to be deprived growing up, allow money and power to navigate them and their castigating thoughts. Many may be too young to remember, but there was a time (far before the "Cosby Show" aired) when Bill Cosby himself had to accept bafoonish, less than desirable roles that had extremely negative connotations. To take it a step further, one might even add that in his youth, he was somewhat of a PIONEER in regards to young black actors accepting negative, fool-hardy television/movie roles.
    Although we as African-Americans contribute to our demise in many ways, these attacks on poor blacks are completely unjustified, given the fact that Bill Cosby is intentionally withholding personal facts relative to their situations. Bill Cosby exemplifies what NOT to become when endowed with opulence and limited power.​