Brother AACOOLDRE : Correlations between Flavius Josephus and the New testament

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Jul 26, 2001
Some Correlations Between Flavius Josephus And The New Testament

(Roman Piso, 08-03-2000)

Hello, I'd like to give you a brief preface for this work. This is what scholars consider solid evidence, but what one must also realize is that this means that this evidence is not arbitrary, but instead - deliberate. That is right. That this was there to be found means that it was done intentionally. And the purpose is obvious, and that is so that this could be discovered. There now is solid proof that there is indeed a connection between Flavius Josephus and the authorship of the New Testament.

Remember, this is only a very small sampling of the correlations between the works of Flavius Josephus and the New Testament - there are many, many more. It is, in fact, truly overwhelming the amount of content that may be found in common between the works of Flavius Josephus and the New Testament. And, something else that this proves is that the mention of "Jesus" in the works of Flavius Josephus is NOT a latter addition, it could NOT have been when there is so much of the same content found in both of these works. This should put an end to that old rumor. Flavius Josephus, as has been stated by several scholars was the creator of "Jesus who was called Christ." There are too many things in the works of Josephus that correlate to the New Testament for it to be in any way coincidence, including James the brother of Jesus, and John the Baptist.

It would be a virtual impossibility for Christians to "add" all of these correlations to the works of Josephus at a later date as the removal of all of these would leave the works of Josephus like a deflated tire... so much content would be gone that it would no longer make any sense! What would be left would be an unrelated mish-mash of things that don't even make any sense and cannot give an account in an understandable way. And that, most certainly, was NOT how Flavius Josephus (Arrius Piso) wrote.

And so, I sincerely hope that this has put an end to that old notion that the mention of "Jesus" in the works of Josephus was a later addition by Christians. That rumor was started, I believe, as a kind of 'strategy' on the part of those who knew the truth of the matter - but whom, wanted to lead persons away from discovering all of the other correlations between the works of Flavius Josephus and the New Testament, and knowing full well that atheists would grab hold of this rumor and spread it around like wildfire for the simple reason that most atheists at that time were entirely ignorant of how all of this really happened, yet wanted something, anything, to hold up to Christians as 'evidence' on behalf of their own beliefs.

You should be able to use and read "Roman numerals" to make use of this list, and you can find the works of Flavius Josephus as translated by Whiston into English online at...

Works of Flavius Josephus (Whiston Translation)

(Keyed to Whiston's English Translation of Josephus)

The two books (1) Antiquities of the Jews & (2), War of the Jews are here cited below in abbreviations:

(1) "Jesus, who was called Christ" [Matt. 27:17] (Ant. of the Jews, book

XX, chap. IX, verse I)

(2) "The Egyptian" [Acts 21:38] (Ant. of the Jews, book XX, chap. VIII, v. VI)

(3) "Punishment of the Jews" [Matt. 24:21, Mark 13:19, Luke 21:23,24]

(Wars of the Jews, Preface; Calamities of the Jews, book VI, ch. V, v. IV)

(4) "Binding and Loosing" [Matt 16:19] (W. of the Jews, ch. V, v. II)

(5) "The Weaker Sex" [1 Peter 3:7] (Wars of the Jews, b. I, ch. XVIII, v. II)

(6) "Render unto Caesar..." [Matt. 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25] (W. of

the Jews, b. I, ch. XIII, v. V)

(7) "My Father's house has many Mansions" [John 14:2] (W. of the Jews, b. I

ch. XIII, v. V. Note: same as above)

(8) "The 'New' Testament" [Matt. 26:28, Mark 14:24, 1 Cor. 11:25, Heb. 9:15]

(Wars of the Jews, b. II, ch. II, v. VI and b. II, ch. II, v. III)

(9) "Pilate" [Matt. 27:2, etc.] (W. of the Jews, b. II, ch. IX, v. II, misc. other places)

(10)"Felix, Procurator of Galilee" [Acts 24:25] (W. of the Jews, b. II, ch. XII, v. VIII)

(11)"Roman Jews" [Acts 22:25-29] (W. of the Jews, b. II, ch. XV, v. IX)

(12)"King Agrippa's wisdom on the Jews" [Acts 26:28] (W. of the Jews, b. II,

ch. XVI, v. IV)

(13)"Public Mourners" [Matt. 12:17] (W. of the Jews, b. III, ch. IX, v. V)

(14)"Zacharias, son of Baruch" [Matt. 23:35] (W. of the Jews, b. IV, ch. V, v. IV)

(15)"Houses of Prayers" [Acts 16:13, 16, Luke 6:12] (W. of the Jews, b. IV, ch. VII,

v. II)

(16)"Blood of Josephus/Jesus" ("Take my own blood as a reward if it may but

procure your preservation, i.e., 'save you'" - Wars of the Jews, b. V, ch. IX, v. IV)

[John 6:56, "eat of my flesh, and drink my blood (to save you.")]

(17)"Seven Lamps" [Rev. 1:13, etc.] (W. of the Jews, b. VII, ch. V. v. V. and other


(18)"Seven Heads" [Rev. 13:1, 17:3, 7] (Jewish Antiquities, b. III, ch. VII,

v. VII)

(19)"Twelve Stones" [Rev. 21:16 & 19-20] (W. of the Jews, and Ant. of the Jews)

(20)"John the Baptist" [Matt. 3:4, Mark 1:6] ('Banus' in Vita and Ant. of the Jews,

b. XVIII, ch. V, v. II, etc.)

(21)"Hairs of your head" [Matt. 10:30, "...even the very hairs of your head are

numbered."](Ant. of the Jews, b. XI, ch. V, v. III, etc.)

(22)"Eating 'Common' things" [Acts 10:14-15, 28; 11:8-9, Rom. 14:14] (Ant. of

the Jews, b. XI, ch. II, v. VII)

(23)"Grace at Meal" [Mark 8:6, John 6:11, 23, Acts 27:35] (Ant. of the

Jews, b. XII, ch. II, v. XII)

(24)"Ointment in alabaster box" [Luke 7:37. Also see Mark 14:3 & Matt. 26:7]

(Ant. of the Jews, b. XVII, ch. IV, v. II)

(25)"Judas/Theudas" [Acts 5:36-37] (Ant. of the Jews, b. XVII, ch. X, v. V and

b. XX, ch. V, v. I)*

(26)"Glad Tidings", "The Gospels" or "Good News" [Luke 2:10 & 1 Th. 3:6] (Ant.

of the Jews, b. XIX, ch. VIII, v. II)

(27)"Only Begotten Son" Used to say the wrong thing in Ant. of the Jews, which

was their way of 'annotating' certain things. And the reason is that the phrase

"Only Begotten Son" does NOT mean that literally, it was a figure of speech that

was used as a term of endearment. It was a phrase that was said to a 'favorite'

son out of more than one by the father or mother of that son. So, there is really a

joke here by the use of that phrase, a joke that was put there by the author of the

Gospel of John himself. [John 3:16, "For god so love the world that he gave his

"only begotten son". Be sure to read our full true translation of this elsewhere.]

(Ant. of the Jews, b. XX, ch. II, v. I)

(28)"Famine" [Acts 11:28] (Ant. of the Jews, b. XX, ch. II, v. V)

(29)"Simon the Magician" [Acts 8:9] (Ant. of the Jews, b. XX, ch. VII, v. II)

(30)"Our Father (Abba) who art in Heaven" [Mark 14:36, Rom. 8:15, Gal.

4:6] Josephus says 'Aaron' died in the month called 'Abba' by the Hebrews.

(Ant. of the Jews, b. IV, ch. IV, v. VII) And, "O Father (Abba), why hast thee

forsaken me?" Josephus: "One man will be obliged to hear the voice of his son

imploring help of his father, when his hands are still bound." (Wars of the Jews,

b. VII, ch. X, v. VII)

(31)"Tomorrow ye shall be with me in heaven" [Luke 23:43] and "Tomorrow

thou shalt be with me in hades" (Ant. of the Jews, b. VI, ch. XIV, v. II)

(32)"Beaten with 40 stripes, save one" [2 Cor. 2:24] (Ant. of the Jews, b. IV,

ch. VIII, v. XXI)

(33)" Gold, Incense, and Myrrh" [Matt. 2:11] (Ant. of the Jews, b. III, ch. VIII, v. III)

(34)"For we do not follow cunningly devised fables" [2 Peter 1:16], "And hath not

preserved his writings from those indecent fables..." and, "he might have securely

forged such lies" (Ant. of the Jews, Preface, v. IV), "They followed fables..." (Ant.

of the Jews, Preface, v. IV)

(35)"Babylon the Great" [Rev. 17:5, etc.] (Ant. of the Jews, b. VIII, ch. VI, v. I)

(36)"666" [Rev. 13:18] (Ant. of the Jews, b. VIII, ch. VII, v. II)

(37)"False Prophets" [Mark 13:22] (Ant. of the Jews, b. XIII, ch. XI, v. II, and

Ant. of the Jews, b. VIII, ch. IX, v. I)

(38)"Filthy Lucre" [1 Tim. 3:3, Tit. 1:7, 1 Pet. 5:2] (Ant. of the Jews, b. VI, ch. III,

v. II, and, Ant. of the Jews, b. XV, ch. VII, v. IX)

(39)"Age 30" In Josephus' Vita (verse 15, page 5, Whiston's), and in Luke 3:23, is

Arrius hinting at himself being "a person in great authority" at age 30 (which, he would

still be, into the year 68 C.E.)? Was he Fasti Consular P. Galerius Trachalus and/or

C. Bellicus Natalis in 68? He WAS Fasti Consular in 69 C.E. as Arrius Antoninus.

Ref. 'Inscriptiones Italiae', vol. XIII, fasc. I, A. Degrassi, Rome, 1947. Perhaps the

single most important thing that happened for Arrius Piso when he was age 30 is that

in 68 CE he got Nero off of the royal throne of Rome and caused his death. Which

was the revenge that he sought for Nero forcing his father to commit suicide.

(40)"James, the brother of Jesus" [Mark 6:3, Matt. 13:55, Acts 12:17, 15:13, 21:18,

1 Co. 15:7, Gal. 1:19, 2:9, 2:12, Jas. 1:1] (Ant. of the Jews, b. XX, ch. IX, v. 1)

* A more definitive understanding of the difference between ‘Judas’ and ‘Theudas’ will be given within the texts of future books, articles, etc. For now, it should be noted that the person known as ‘Theudas’ was a particular person in history who lead a revolt against Rome and who was beheaded as a result. He died in or about 44 C.E. as did two sons of Judas of Galilee. Those two brothers appear to have been crucified.

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