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Sep 27, 2005
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How would he know unless he has an inside track? Do the math. The total number of deaths globally is less than 1%!


Trump Warns 'Toughest Week' Ahead as Global Virus Deaths Top 60,000
40 minutes ago/ 04/05/2020 7:09am


"...US President Donald Trump warned Americans to brace for a "very horrendous" number of coronavirus deaths in the coming days, ahead of a rare speech by Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday aimed at rallying hard-hit Britain. ..."



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Dec 31, 2009
This doctor says that the Coronavirus is not what it appears to be and that the ventilators might be causing more deaths.

There has been conspiracy theories about the origin of the viruse along with the construction of 5G cell towers. One comment that I read on youtube describes the 5G cell towers as being sending a signal that scrambles the oxygen molecules in the air.

'which would again lead one to think it has something to do with 5G, not some god **** virus....Scientist around the world think this reason may be to negatively affect the oxygen we breathe as part of a population control mechanism: “60 GHz is the frequency of oxygen molecule absorption. Oxygen molecules have electrons that they share with each other, oxygen is a diatomic molecule. What we breathe are two oxygen molecules bonded together with the electrons that they share.” When the oxygen molecule is hit with 60 GHz 5G waves, these waves affect the orbital resonance properties of those shared electrons. It is those shared electrons that bind to the hemoglobin in our blood. In addition to disrupting oxygen absorption, 5G will alter the iron and magnetite function respectively of the hemoglobin and pineal gland. Hemoglobin and the pineal gland have a magnetic compound within them. The magnetic field disruption is already happening, but, with 5G, this disruption will be more seriously amplified. Hemoglobin is a very complex ferromagnetic compound. If we interfere with the orbital spin properties of diatomic oxygen’s (O2) electrons via 5G, our ability to absorb oxygen will be significantly hampered, creating slow suffocation. Because of this additional factor, with or without 5G, people should avoid 60 GHz WiFi systems in any case. At 60GHz the frequencies also impair the body’s ability to produce vitamin D and melanin.'

Also I've been recently using a ozone machine to help get rid of mucus in my nasal cavity and came across an article that states that Ozone therapy is used to treat SARS. The Coronavirus is a SARS like disease so I would think that ozone therapy might be affective against the viruse.

Ozone therapy: A clinical review

Ozonized water, whose use is particularly known in dental medicine, is optimally applied as a spray or compress. Diseases treated are infected wounds, circulatory disorders, geriatric conditions, macular degeneration, viral diseases, rheumatism/arthritis, cancer, SARS and AIDS.

Ozone (O3) gas discovered in the mid-nineteenth century is a molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen in a dynamically unstable structure due to the presence of mesomeric states. Although O3 has dangerous effects, yet researchers believe it has many therapeutic effects.
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