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Dec 31, 2009
Everyone is waiting for a vaccine but I just recently came across an article on 'The important role played by viruses in human evolution', that says scientists can get the upper hand of viruses by manipulating cell function by mimicking protein adaptations instead of using vaccines. When viruses attack the body it changes the step, structure and sometimes the function of the proteins in our body. And this is why nutrition and eating a healthy diet is so important and maybe why African Americans are being affected in large numbers with this coronavirus. I know in a lot of neighborhoods there are food deserts and no access to fresh food with good protein. Foods high in protein like greens, kale and spinach are high in vitamin k. A diet low in vitamin k can lead to a protein c deficiency which can lead to blood clots. Blood clots occur often in COVID-19 patients. So it seems like this could be important. Also in an article on 'Protein metabolism in women and men: similarities and disparities' it talks about protein metabolism and for men, testosterone plus growth hormone increase fat free mass. So I would think that a diet that rich in testosterone as well as growth hormones would be beneficial in fighting viruses. In a book by Mohammed Ali Al Bsyati entitled 'Get All The Facts:HIV Does Not Cause AIDS' it says that HIV is a harmless viruse but can turn into AIDS with malnutrition. So diet and good nutrition seem to be a must when it comes to fighting off viruses. I wonder how much governments are studying how COVID-19 is changing the proteins in the body?
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