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    (Hope there is no thread on this Brother from before?)

    Not sure wether US citizens listen to a lot of foreign music these days, but...

    Are people here familiar with this Rwandan/French brother named Corneille?
    He's like an rnb/jazz singer. He's got a tragic story, he survived the tragedy in Rwanda (lost both parents), and uses his voice to sing about the way he sees the world etc etc. Not the most africentric music out there, but we gotta support our people who do positive things with their abilities, skills and knowledge.

    One of his most famous singles, Seul Au Monde is about his life:

    He's a beautiful singer with a beautiful voice. His new album, Marchands Du Reve is really something. Brings peace to any soul.

    He's also got a single with Cheb Mami called Enfants d'Afrique:

    Anyone heard his music? Love this guy.