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    Coretta Scott King Views on the FBI

    By Andre Austin

    In 1969 the wife of Martin L. King, (B.1929-D.1968), wrote a book called My Life with Martin Luther King Jr.

    Mrs. King (B.1927-D.2006) also held a press conference when FBI Hoover died in 1972. Hoover hated King and called him a “Tomcat” and a “notorious liar”. King didn’t return hate to hate but kept on advocating justice and truth. The FBI is still in the image and likeness of Hoover who ran it from the 1920’s until his death. This is what Mrs. King said about the FBI in her book.

    Though we had our suspicions as early as 1956, and had our first confirmation directly from president Kennedy in June 1963, by 1965 we were sure that the FBI was tapping lines and was treating the [Civil Rights], movement as if it were an alien enemy. We accepted that as part of the evil and injustice that come with leadership which challenges the status quo…We knew we did not deserve that treatment from our government but we believed that suffering was redemptive …that was how we were able to continue. It was difficult to prove what the FBI was doing, and the bureau was so powerful even Presidents were intimidated by it. We were not intimidated” (My Life with Martin Luther King Jr By Mrs. King p.250-251). Keep in mind that the FBI also wrote King an anonymous letter trying to blackmail him into committing suicide. When that didn’t work they knew they were going to have to orchestrate the assassination themselves.


    1. When MLK was cut down in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee trying to help garbage workers for the city. Lawyer and author William Pepper has written a new book accusing the FBI and a Memphis police officer with killing Martin L. King. This should not come as a shock when the FBI helped the Chicago police kill sleeping Black Panther members.

    2. The daughters of King and Malcolm X have worked on projects in the past together for the benefit of Unity. So Yolanda King and Attallah X-Shabazz formed an organization called Nucleus. Unfortunately this can’t be duplicated by the grandsons of X and King due to the assassination of X’s grandson in Mexico in 2013.

    3. While MLK watched the television rerun of the Kennedy funeral at a motel, FBI bugs picked him obscenely sneering at the famous moment of mourning when Jacqueline Kennedy knelt prayerfully with her children against the late President’s coffin. “Look at her”, the agents heard King say. “sucking him off one last time”. The FBI used King’s unguarded rage against him (Pillar of Fire: America in the King years 1963-1965 p. 250 By Taylor Branch). When FBI director played the tape to Attorney general Robert Kennedy he gave him the green light to now bug King’s home telephone. Incidentally, one of the people who killed JFK was a uniformed Dallas police officer dubbed as t “The badge man”. And the FBI helped to cover it all up.

    4. Basically the FBI was a tool of White Rage to sabotage any black progress to change the status quota of us being politically, economically and socially impotent in the United States.

    5. Malcolm X (B.1925-D.1965) and Martin L. King once met in 1964 and in a famous picture they are smiling, laughing and shaking hands. Malcolm X was able to joke and get King to laugh by telling him that since now he has met with him will result in intelligence community investigating King for it.

    6. J. Edgar Hoover offered a $500 bonus to the officer who killed Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. Additionally, a $300 bonus was paid to a black informant. By in the 1960’s and 70’s the FBI had over 300 paid, full time informants. They were committing crimes for the interest of the FBI like hijacking, bank robbery, murder, arson and kidnapping. They weren’t just into monitoring but active participants in crime. You see this is the mentality of the police and FBI today. If your fifty years old and did something stupid and wrong when you were a teenager the police and FBI think they have a right to commit a criminal act against you with impunity.