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Feb 28, 2001
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African American Authors Helping Authors (AA-AHA) has announced their First Annual Self-published Book Awards! This mega-event, scheduled for May 3, 2002, will be held at the Langston Hughes Center, in Queens, NY. Never before has anything like this been done, we will keep you informed as we will have correspondents standing by. The facts as we now know them are: The awards will be open to self-published authors in the United States; There will be a large banquet with cash awards, trophies, and other special recognition. Go to the site for further details <>
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Welcome to your August Marguerite Press Enews
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Our Bookshelf
Favorite Places
Literary Events
The Poet's Corner--with Monique Fox
On our bookshelf this month we have exciting books that you may not be aware of. The first is "Sin" by Crystal Rhodes. The second one is "The Mitt Man by Mel Taylor". And finally, "The Best Of Simple" by Langston Hughes. As always these titles will be reviewed by Lena, and will appear in local newspapers in Indianapolis, as well as in the Marguerite Press E-zine <> and also on Lena's site at <>.
Favorite Places to visit:
Literary Events:
This weekend all roads lead to Dallas. Yes, it's the weekend everyone has been waiting for since this time last year! The BWA promises to big a wonderful experience, and we salute all the planners, supporters, staff, readers and authors. We here at Marguerite Press certainly wish them well.

And then get ready to set sail on the Second Annual African American Book Club Summit At Sea! Yes, the place to be this October is in New Orleans, sitting at the dock of the bay! This affair is sure to be a repeat of last year's blast!

Online Birthday Bash:
In November, Marguerite Press celebrates three years of bringing you the lastest in interviews with authors, bookstore owners, book clubs, and event planners. We've also had book reviews, self-publishing tips, and news for and from the literary community, including the "Inspiration Column" by Vanessa K. Woodward, the "Poet's Corner, by Monique Fox, and the "Book Reviews" by Lena Williams. Now help us celebrate. We'll have contests, giveaways, and assorted prizes! Stay tuned for further details.
The Poet's Corner:

~By Monique Nicole Fox~

Each of us should help the other
saying to one another,
"Take courage!!
Be brave!!
Do what is right!!
God will be your guidance.
God will show you the light."

Each of us should help the other
saying to one another,
"Show no fear!!
God is with you.
God is near."

Watch of us should help the other
saying to one another,
"Be not afraid!!
God is your helper.
God is your aid."

Each of us should help the other
saying to one another,
"Live your life smart!!
And keep God in your heart."

~Isaiah 41:6~
Each one helps the other, saying to one another, "Take courage!"

And now for the Copyright info!

Lately I've received numerous emails asking questions about copyright protection. Things like; do I need it? how do I get it? And that old favorite, can't I just mail my own material to myself and never open it (commonly referred to as the "Poor Man's Copyright") ?

Well, do yourself a favor and avoid all the headaches! Contact the Office of Copyrights, located in Washington, DC. The phone number is (202) 707-3000. Forms are available on the website and may be printed out.

Who may file:

The author
The copyright claimant
The owner of exclusive rights
Any authorized agent of the author, claimant, or owner of exclusive rights.

Two Types of forms:

Form TX: for published and unpublished nondramatic literary works--Most
books will fall into this category.

Form SE: for serials, periodicals, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, annuals, journals, etc.

What is NOT protected:

1. Titles, names, short phrases, and slogans; familiar symbols or designs.

2. Ideas, procedures, methods, systems, processes, concepts, or principles.

3. Works consisting entirely of information that is common property and containing no original authorship. For example, standard calendars, and tables and lists taken from public documents.

What IS protected:

Original works of authorship.
(1) Literary works
(2) musical works
(3) dramatic works
(4) choreographic works
(5) graphic works
(6) motion pictures
(7) sound recordings
(8) architectural works (as in maps and sculptural works)

There have even been questions about copyright protection as it relates to materials submitted to websites. If you maintain a site, please post the copyright notice. And finally, for those poets out there, I'd suggest that you compose a chapbook with all your poetry then submit it to the Copyright Office. That way you'll only have one fee.

Well, that's it! Next month we'll look at book expos. And remember that

August is the time for the Black Writers Alliance affair in Dallas, Texas!

Delores Thornton
Don't Forget International Rights

Hey Delores! I'm crashing the par-tay!

Don't forget--When we talk about the Internet, we are going across INTERNATIONAL boundaries! So, your stuff is wandering aimlessly along without protection.

Great book to read on this subject (and I just got it, by the way, from The Copyright, Permission and Libel Handbook by Lloyd Jassin and Steven Schechter. Lots of good stuff, including tip sheets and copyright examples.

Keep the writing faith.

Mike Ramey



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