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so much for clearing this up for me. I have another question. When I get the REAL copyright will I have to get one for everything that I own? Meaning if I have 15 poems/short stories will I need one for everything or will the one time cover everything. I never thought about it before, but then someone told me that people will log on to places like Destee and just take work and publish it as their own and the original author is non the wiser. Is your book available in all book stores? I would love to read it.

What you say about people copying works from websites is very true. But you can say that your material is protected by copyright. Then it is unlawful for people to use. To answer your question about your work, I'd combine the poetry and short stories and submit it all as one work to the copyright office. Then you'd only have to pay one fee. And finally, we novels, Ida Mae and Babe are available in many stores. If they're not in your area, PLEASE have the store order them. Or you may purchase directly from my site. Please visit <> And they're also available at and

Hope this helps! Thank you!


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