Law Forum : Cops Smash Car Window, Taser & Arrest Black PASSENGER w/ Kids For DRIVING Violation


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May 7, 2013
A lot of people, including blacks, are probably thinking he should have just got out the car like the police told him too. That day is over. And for the people still thinking that way, it will be a matter of time before they face brutality themselves for being too fast to do exactly what the officer told them to do. Remember that brother in South Carolina who got shot for getting out the car, doing exactly what the officer told him to do, and getting his wallet exactly like the officer told him to do? To be honest that brother in South Carolina never should have had to been that scared in the first place, jumping back in his vehicle for his license like that.

That's the main problem with these racist cops. They want you to fear them. If you don't fear them and don't do exactly what they say, they find a reason to shoot or taser you. Then it seems when you do fear them, and do exactly what they say, they still find a reason to shoot or taser you.

It's got to the point where they act like they can't even stand to hear a brother articulate or talk intelligent, something you may sometimes find yourself doing after working in the IT world for a longtime, or going to college for computers, or a high-tech degree. You may talk this way more so when you're talking to the cops so you won't sound like a criminal, plus you want them to get the story straight, plus this is the way most law abiding citizens think they're suppose to talk to cops...which should be no problem. If anything, the cops are the ones who sound more like annoying robots. So it's no picnic having to listen to there style of talk neither, especially when they're on your I rather avoid them altogether. I faced these same attitudes from cops in the North and the South, and in both incidents they were suppose to be their because I was the victim of a mishap. That's no excuse or a time for a white cop to be getting annoyed by a way a brother talk, unless he's talking sloppy where they can hardly be understood, etc..., or unless they don't really have adequate respect for black men to began with...the latter being more likely. They don't have that attitude when they 're interviewing or gathering information from a white person articulating or being clear, especially in his own house. I actually had a cop get an attitude in my house when I was living in the DMV. They were they're because my house was one of the ones vandalized. While I was giving the cop the information he was requesting, he rudely cut me off by telling me he didn't need my entire address. But yet he did ask for my address; so that response wasn't necessary. It's bull like this that we have to deal with from white cops, on our own property. So I guess he was going to arrest me for giving my requested address too accurately from my own property. It's like they're mad because they're there to help you instead of suspect you or arrest you.

So knowing all this, plus how these cops been acting out in the open lately, you can see why the man and the woman in that video have no trust in these cops, especially after they already pulled their gun on the man. You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't. So are we going to sit here and wait to become next, or are we going to get involved in putting an end to it?
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Nov 17, 2006
This type of police abuse is routine. We have to prepare for war. This will not stop. YOU are next.

Well, this was simply terrible and unbelievable, if not for the fourteen year old filming the incident, thank God.

This Black family is about to get paid some serious money, which reminds me of Rodney King's situation. According to the interview just conducted by MSNBC's Joy Reid; the attorney said Lisa Mahone's lawsuit would also ask for reforms in police departments across the nation.

Again, thank God that's Lisa's son was prepared and wisely used his cell phone to record the excessive force. But also, Lisa was smart to have a 911 call going when the officers assaulted her boy-friend, smh ...

Grandma was definitely prepared in the case below:

When a Cop Came Into Her House Without a Warrant, This Grandmother Fought Back

Do not mess with Venus Green. In July 2009, police entered Green's home looking for her grandson, Tallie. He had come into the house moments before saying he'd been shot at a convenience store, but the officer at Green's door insisted that Green had shot him.

"Police kept questioning him. They wouldn't let the ambulance attendant treat him," Green toldWBAL-TV in the video above. "So I got up and said, 'Sir, would you please let the attendants treat him? He's in pain.' "

Final thoughts, we will get Reparations one way or another it seems, Grandma filed her lawsuit also ... And thanks for being vigilantly on the case bro. Shaka.

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Aug 9, 2003
After any number of blacks did and do get elected with white support, etc., these sorts of comebacks neither seem rational, let alone realistic, among other blacks who also did and do get along with some whites, including yours truly...

I. e., what has ended is the obsession with race and racism, as motivations for the politics etc. of blacks in particular, other folks in general...

In this post desegregation era:

All sorts of things motivate what a person's politics etc reflect...

Times have changed...

And so must we all, posters...

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