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QUOTE="Kemetstry, post: 1033874, member: 46"]

A Cop Was Filmed Telling Armed White Men To Avoid Arrest So We Don't Look Like We're Playing Favorites't Look Like We're Playing Favorites
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=AT3HkFBztBZSsg3TqlDO1yWhpTuBRT8N_bhCMwETVuW-bmnbEs2HTQUqVJYOdyaMj9y7RciOVnMJ53zkY_ITZlPfkrgKJYal1bfsgN7e4uwg2cwVtmXIYlYAPBEeeUuofFxWGbtER_J0ueh2RJhavmR1_n5uiqsRcbdO36SPH34UPCX7Ow']The video of the officer warning armed

PEOPLE, isn't "The American Dream" [total BS, an obvious profoundly flawed FRAUD as isn’t ‘America’ a continent comprised of 35 nations, 23 in the north, 12 in the south, with the USA merely the second largest country in area to Canada] in reality a nightmare for most non-Caucasians and even the white lower echelons in general, African and Native American citizens of the USA in particular?

Didn't the theft of the Native American’s land so as to usurp their sovereignty added to the genocide inflicted on the majority of them and our enslaved for over 300 years African ancestors [and their siblings and comrades who were tortured, mutilated and murdered for either refusing to BOW/be BROKEN, or to traumatize the rest of us into total subservience] as underlined by the massacre in Wilmington, North Carolina on 10th November 1898, Slocum massacre in Texas 30th July 1910, Ellaine in Arkansas massacre of African Americans from 30th September – 3rd October 1919, the Ocoee, Florida Massacre Nov. 2, 1920 Rosewood between 1-6th January 1923 and what happened to the very very affluent GAP community of Tulsa Oklahoma 1st June 1921?

Even more crippling is the ongoing onslaught on our intelligentsia as highlighted by the murder of Sam Cook, Malcolm X, Dr Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers [whose body hadn’t rotted/deteriorated at all post being exhumed 10 years after his burial] Fred Hampton, Felix Mitchell [with the likes of Mumia al Jamal, Malakai York, Wesley s Snipes, Bill Cosby and soon R Kelly incarcerated for life on trumped up charges] and many other African Americans who organised resistance to this so profoundly RACIST onslaught means that as a country, isn’t it obvious the USA can only ever be at best totally morally bankrupt elitist PARASITES utilizing Christianity as a shield [as don’t their actions highlight that LUCIFER is who they truly worship]?

Why would WE be surprised by what this white police officer is telling/assisting armed white men, didn't they sack for blowing their cover the police officer caught on camera assuring a white woman in a traffic stop to relax "We only shoot black people"?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?
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