Chief Elder Osiris : Conyers H. R. 40 Bill on Reparation

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Let me say this my dear beloved, either we are for Reparation without
    strings attached or we are just frolicking around trying to see how we can
    get a dollar for our individual self.

    I am in disagreement to the Conyers bill H.R. 40. I think it is just another
    way of letting an issue such as Reparation become disrespected by a branch
    of the U. S. Racist Government that had a part in the Enslavement of our
    Enslaved African Ancestors.

    Will somebody please tell me what is to be studied about Chattel Slavery,
    other than to agree on an amount that would be Just, toward our Enslaved
    Ancestors ?

    The problem with Black Folks are, we have allowed our oppression to be
    studied disgracefully and repeatedly by the perpetrators of the crime,
    violators of our Hue - Man Rights, who forced our Enslaved Ancestors to
    work without pay as they were Raped and mutilated as they caused many untold
    and un-numbered deaths without punishment, all because of the fact that
    the victims was Black and African.

    Chattel Slavery does not need to be studied it just need to be acknowledged
    and acted upon in a repenting and Just way and that way is with Reparation,
    / Repatriation, Afro-Descendant Nation State in Africa, which will lead to
    Africa Reunification as a unified federation of States, seeking and
    demanding Justice for the crime that has been committed against the entire
    Carbon Nation, in And Of Africa .

    The Sankofa Repatriation Movement wish to join hand with all serious and
    committed fighters for Reparation, having an unselfish desire to have
    Reparation paid to our Enslaved African Ancestors for the purpose of doing
    with it just what it represent, as well as is defined to mean and that is to
    restore, to repair that which have been divided, as well as putting back
    together that which has been deliberate torn apart.

    Sankofa Repatriation Movement plan on being in Huston on the 20th, so that
    we may present our view as well as convictions, to all who yearn for the
    Truth about Reparation and its True meaning and purpose, which cause it to
    be the Divine and Sacred issue that it is and must become to the
    AfroDescendants in the Diaspora and Africa, as well as the world, yes with
    the United States Congress included as well.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation