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    Try move at an easy pace thinking about the sleezy lace// of a female that can prevail in a bed quilt really a breezy taste //of sex the girl attractive and nice I need active advice on some //love talk at the club caught thinking and winking my eye dumb //thoughts on my mind ready to do an assault on some wine “come //sit down boo you brown and true booty round a cutie bound //for a date with me girl I rap wild will adapt to your style, crown //you princess you wearing a thin dress half open and your breasts //Poking so let me git wit you and suck a *** or two forget the rest” //“Oh SHAFT let me adapt a wet plan for the circumstance of this //Romance give me a chance to think my coo-chee is wet and brisk //Got smoking pies but not ready to open my thighs and let you be //Stroking my vibes and jest going crazy the flowing gravy may give me //A baby who knows you maybe a deadbeat dad a misled freak and //Sad and be on the street and mad saying the baby not yours as a man //You’ll pay child support after a wild court you feel me on this abit?” // music play in conjunction with my voice golden piano then its //all about function and choice rap lyrics and dap begin a legit //harmony then accompany fans to the door shake hands galore //my plan is to ignore whack critics never been a cat like me before //and my height soar like rockets to the moon and my full pockets //bloom like roses my thing is clear cling to frontiers like Davy Crockette //when I drop it like I’m hot like Snoop Dogg got a group of dialogues //discussing the G- THANG baby and my rhymes be slang in the fog //and I’m crazy even doctor Dre know the proper way this is to flow //this is very correct as it carry into effect decisions of the mind yo //facts from the heart acts as a part of the equation as the rhymes flow //