Black Poetry : Conversation of Lovers


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
part seven

Feather: the massage felt sow good baby. say let us do the gospel mission on paper. imma get my turquoise waist towel out the bedroom. you squeezing my tar baby bun? they hard and soft ain't they??
Ink: (with a double eyebrow up and down motion smiling with her tongue out then slapped grabbed the right one) baby you tight with your buns and they extra skin soft what you be using?
Feather: just olive oil but sometimes cocoa raw butter melted for that extra shining. (he turned around with buckteeth dimples laughing a little) let me squeeze yours..well wait a minute i don't think that's a good idea so lets finished tonight in the living room, okay?
Ink: (she thought about what he was thinking and caught on quickly) ooooohhh!! (laughing a little as she turned around then dropped the purple african kimono robe on the ground) sooo you ain't gon' feel me???
Feather: (ding!) boo you ah trip and a half you know?? ummmhmm! dang they soft as ever and firm. what the what in the world you be doing with your small waist self??
Ink: (oh yeah grip grip grip keeping gripping baaaybeee--) what you said?? i didn't hear it correctly...(imma bend over just enough so he gets a peek a boo and that's it...gosh i gotta test our limits without sex)
Feather: (ding ding ding!!!!) oh let me get your robe for you Queen. (didn't even look cause she thought i was looking i gotta savor us like wine but i can imagine being all in dat---) here yooou go baybee!
Ink: (oh he good with the composure huh? oh yeah that's it test one out of three.) thanks baybee you are sooo sweet. i'm going to the living room. (and she walks out naked like a stillofwet putting the purple african kimono robe on)
Feather: (imma start calling her illusion cause to see is just unreal...i ain't never seen a Queen like her. hands down. bump the tv. she'll make traffic stop or jam.) yo yo yo! baybee extra twist it please????
Ink: (she broke down laughing then regain her composure to slowly walk through the hallway twisting her swang) i made the robe move in all kind of ways huh??
Feather: heavens yes you did!! oh geah! you almost started a fire twister naturally! (heading towards the bedroom now getting the turquoise waist towel and return to the living room)
Ink: so we start with ephesian right?? eh you got alot of interesting books here that deems holy or perceive as it. we gon' go over those too?? they look scary boo.
Feather: oh i know. it's just for the knowledge of interacting with others mentally incline when connecting and knowing them face to face cause it's all about perception and peace. we ain't doing no rituals except ours we deem fit like praying together of course and meditating--
Ink: and in the bed sleeping with each other and no one else right???
Feather: of course...(laughing) but i was saying we should really focus on the prayer and meditation part for the basics then just eating right but you already on point like i so that is no problem. how you feel about reading other books of holiness though not accepting it but acknowledging people do exist in accordance with them?
Ink: i mean...fine with me but if something don't feel right then i'm pulling the plug okay??
Feather: without a doubt cause you wisdom and i gotta listen but not be mastered vice versa of us just equality. i love you fore being real though.
Ink: always baybee so come and sit down with your undescribeable self.
Feather: coming...(sighing) alright so what you got so far??
Ink: (and they talked, revised ephesian plus clapped giving daps together and even played pity pat like kids but faster) okay boo this is great just wonderful. how do you feel about making this the chapter of our new gospel with a foreward??
Feather: lead on baybee. we did that didn't we?? we got ten pages out of ephesian right?
Ink: yup! and i am so tired now what about you boo?
Feather: same here baybee...come here and let me hold you so we can make a song together off the top of our heads. ready?
Ink: ready. i go first then when i'm getting ready to run out i'll tap you.
Feather: great! nanana don't get carry away cause you be singing forever and forever and be forgetting i'm here sometimes...i be wanting to cry cause i didn't get my turn. (pouting on purpose)
Ink: (laughing) you be tripping me out with those faces...poke yo lips back in before i smooch you.
Feather: well in that case then let me cry--
Ink: no you ain't either. (laughing) stop it. now get right silly. ready??
Feather: okay. ready.
Ink: blessings rain through the days when we struggle through the nights...(tap)
Feather: everything is reasoned we all have our seasons...(tap)
Ink: our spirit holds me strong...(tap)
Feather: our soul keeps us traveling on...(tap)
Ink: (smiling) let the heavens be our truth (clapping) (tap)
Feather: you and i we sing our truth (clapping) (tap tap)
Ink: cause our blessings rain through our days when we struggle through our nights...(and she carries it out like never before while he sit there and watch her eyes closed smiling cause she feeling it...)
Feather: okay baybee?? remember it's my turn. its its its my turn. (tapping her) baybee???
Ink: wha-what? hmm?? oh yeah!! dang i felt us like like like we was in heaven fore real.
Feather: baybee with your voice we got it right here. now give me a thunderous smooch on my lips.
Ink: i thought you would never ask....

end of part seven

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