Black Poetry : Conversation of Lovers


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
(Texting Fast)

beginning of part two

Feather: i'm okay i was sleeping earlier after the nice brew of tea with honey. it's a new day to be happy about you know?
Ink: yes it is. so what kind of tea was it?
Feather: just pekoe orange plus faucet water plus honey and i added oranges, well tangerines to the brew after boil.
Ink: oranges in tea?
Feather: you know it sweet pea butter chips.
Ink: (laughing hard) sweet pea butter chips????? like i'm healthy and savory right?
Feather: with more room left on the plate we can be full before our final sunset! (smiling)
Ink: how in the world do you explain what you said??? you deep.
Feather: you sweet.
Ink: you unique.
Feather: you meek.
Ink: you tease.
Feather: you freeze.
Ink: you cheese.
Feather: you please.
Ink: you squeeze.
Feather: you seen.
Ink: you mean.
Feather: you check.
Ink: you save.
Feather: you fade.
Ink: you made.
Feather: you paid.
Ink: you lay.
Feather: you laid.
Ink: i love you.
Feather: you--whoa! you love i???
Ink: gotcha winking my right eye.
Feather: (laughing) so how many books you got out? you seem like a star.
Ink: i got one out already about love. you write mr. mysterious?? (smiling hard)
Feather: well ain't you curious about my protection and scribing. i am particular with the voice of you i am your personal talisman. wear me sacredly between your valleys of softness who nurtures my honesty tucked in between the two dark circles of suckles that surrounded the two pillars of energy the turn-on exchange of delight as i jump from surface pouncing once firmly uprightly sensitive about my tingle spark flick of go-go-go.
Ink: fore real??? i understand you. but can you understand me? i bet my love outweighs yours cause all i need to do is just compile mine then revise and put a price on it. can you hang?
Feather: can i. it's on then. so if i lose i get to hold you tightly dancing in circles to my slow spells plus rhythmic instrumental music with one kiss lasting five seconds per hour fore two hours on foot bet???
Ink: what??? (laughing harder than hard) hold up! how can you make the rule for when you lose and actually making it out fore you to win??? that is unheard of and sorry but you've met your match.
Feather: never in a lifetime.
Ink: well forever outside a lifetime together then.
Feather: what???? (laughing harder than hard)
Ink: you got chess moves huh?? ok ok ok but i got you king.
Feather: say what??? oh you..oh want sum?!?!? i mean it's nothing but a thang to overpower you.
Ink: weenie please. i'll break your mind when i bend over. so just sit down cause you won't be able to stand up. i got skills!!!! i'm da queen remember????
Feather: ohhhhhh snap!!!! you really tripping hardcore on my weenie. why you gotta always talk about my weenie boo??? huh??? (feeling sad on purpose)
Ink: (laughing hard) you know your weenie is good with me besides i do need to work on me.
Feather: you sho do.
Ink: what?????????
Feather: no no no no no that was not fore you. i said i love you too from back in the first texts i just didn't get a chance to text it cause we was so busy texting. (smile)
Ink: ummmhmm. ok ok. so who was it then on the other text message???

end of part two


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
(part three) (feather called phone)

Feather: i was lying on the sligh tip so i could evade your weakness cause your priest got weak.
Ink: ohhhhhhhh!!!!!! so ok you want sum i see but you need land to get this righ??
Feather: yea so what so what you saying??? cause i'm doing all i can besides are you the warrioress or what? i mean you acting soft like a pawn.
Ink: what??? ninja what?!?!?!? ok you ain't playing. you got sensitive didn't you weak knights like you always leaves the home team open.
Feather: (laughing) ok ok so you are the female. you the female. you the punk. it ain't all that. it won't bounce right. and oh i got another Queen!
Ink: (call ended)......
Feather: (dayum what in the world???? i was just talking about taking her queen. dang) calls back.....
Ink: hello?
Feather: baby....
Feather: baby....
Ink: i'm listening....(dayum his voice just gets me ooohhh keep telling me what you feeling baby i like it..keep saying baby)
Feather: baby....i was just saying the chess piece. you need to quit with that......i know you here me.........i hear you getting weak ain't you?
Ink: what you mean ain't u getting weak?? i maybe for certain reasons i'm not telling you anyway.
Feather: (man i swear this is a skit) okay. i was just saying-
Ink: what?!?!?! you think i'm weak huh?? let me tell you something little man. i got yo back to the infinite so be mad or accept us. what's up on some land?
Feather: oh yeah we can get some land together with no problem. you wanna buy a property in the hood then buy land??
Ink: that would be cool but how about buying the home on the land?? makes better sense doesn't it?
Feather: either way if you look at it, depending on the wealth of us combined. gotta think about taxes, well more like paying them in know like way in advance.
Feather: you got to be prepared.
Ink: so you thinking about moving your king to the rook position?
Feather: yea. nananana! (laughing) caught me slipping on the chess by explaining my plan on the real. you slick like a-
Ink: snake?????
Feather: nananannana well, nope nope nope.
Ink: oh you ain't balls of steel no mooooo. you done got soft since being with me huh?? oh i see you really do love me huh??? told you we got skills. who the Queen?
Feather: what? oh snap. wow. darn gosh golly geez!!!
Ink: so what's up with the bet now????
Feather: nanana that was all just for the tease of it.
Feather: for real for real not for real.
Ink: i want my kisses and my dance.
Feather: ok where you at?
Ink: outside.
Feather: dang!!!!
Ink: and the breeze feels nice today. (car door closes back as she walks to the door)
Feather: (oh itz on! i get to love my way while she here??? i'm about to lock it down with the roses already on the bed fresh fruit honey massage oils my music plus dim lights reminding of the sunset forever plus no sex is the best...produces the best in life later to savor the sweetness like sitting an orange in the sunlight...delicious!!! hell yeah.)
Ink: (in her turquoise phantom african print dress standing chocolatey delicious the queen the warrioress in turquoise phantom african print clogs with eight afro puffs shiny with lapis lazuli and cowrie shells bracelets and anklets and around her neck ranged the doorbell smiling with dimples alike vibrating the vision on simmer knowing she is the key to life and death the lover the warrior the snatcher the prophetess the supreme wisdom brings alot of burden on her though it makes her much more stronger once she knows how to use it fluently seamlessly together the last ding sustained before the door opened.)
Feather: (just like he dreamed she became in reality he was totally fulfilled to the point he wanted to cry he knew then not only were they linked in the physical but beyond a doubt together way past the spiritual....they were flames)

end of part three


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
part four (Inside his home called hers too)

Ink: (big smiling with the shiny forehead on point cause i seen the light) so you gon' ask me in or what King?
Feather: (she didn't know he had a surprise fore her already waiting. see he had made a special ring and enscribe a special poem meant to be everlasting for her. he had got her sizes while paper napkin rings and kisses at the hood spot where the wings and shrimps pops back at you mad greasy style juicier than juice can explain and juice be loaded with flavors) boo come inside my home of happiness the first beginning and last ending. first i need that hug you know??? (buckteeth and dimples)
Ink: here is a big one...(some kind of bellow purring starts)
Feather: eh baby your phone is buzzing crazy by my waist.
Ink: oh my phone is in my car plugged into the dash.
Feather: (he thought about it fore second like whaaaaaaaaa??) oh ok. well um let me close the door and you can be welcome like however cause your home is mine and vice versus.
Ink: fore real?? ok can i check around then lay a few things in your bathroom and kitchen??
Feather: oh yeah Queen go ahead and check your territory.
Ink: (smiling and trying to hold in the laughter kinda hot fanning herself) say what?? you are such a trip, so where is the bathroom? ohop i forgot you said this is my home too so ok--
Feather: well except the left room at the back. please not that one.
Ink: okay. (she went into the bathroom looking absolutely royal as if she wasn't and the door closes.)
Feather: yes. now let me get dinner out the oven and crockpot. fresh fruits out the fridge, homebrew wine, my instrumental, well na get the john coltrane out and miles davis. oh my letter with the rose yo i'm so excited and her two eternal rings now i gotta put them in the box with a number lock where she has to read all my letters and keep them in order to get the five digit number. imma just tell her to keep it for me just in case if i don't make it which is real anyway cause she my soul. dang this is it me and her remember no sex cause that's the righteous tip meant fore a time to be share forever each time as everlasting when we can so wisdom is first. oh i can hear her coming out.
Ink: your bathroom is so clean i can smell the bleach. have you ever heard of an alternative cleaning solution??? just playing but still like oranges or another citrus?
Feather: you know i been wanting to work on that. you working on becoming a natural doctor or naturopathy practitioner? you just need the certification.
Ink: well i am thinking about looking to invest into myself. this working for other people just ain't cutting it. tired all the time. how about you?
Feather: everyday i slim down the options then arrange them in order. i live life to the fullest though one day and night at ah time. i'm a freestyle person who truly tries to do good for myself of more like believing in myself cause i never have before and so nobody has either and all my life i've watched it. they'll treat you like this and that if you ain't doing what they tell you to do and how to follow and to tell you the truth i am use to it and seeing dayum near all sides which in the end gets me in trouble cause i could be down and express myself about the opposite of anything while being in the presence of that opposite and people be like dang i though you was like on my side but how can i when my life took me over there and here you know what i mean? plus genes of being nomadic gives you that extra experience oh--dang sorry yo so you see why i just need one person cause everybody else out there is like straight tripping cause i know the world but not like a mister know it all cause if i did then i would a supreme god or the higher power in which everybody seeks to include myself. i only seek to discourage my last time from out its depths. can a teacher be anybody? can you be despised even in the same skin regardless of color? i would have to say yes. it is possible and i can't deny part of the truth that it will forever be until the surface of the temple clearly written to be shown from inside to out.
Ink: where did all of this stuff come from again boo? come sit down on the couch so we can kick it. socks off my couch too. (laughing)
Feather: oh i caught that one Queen. watch your breasts i'm dipping down backwards in between the valleys so hold me by your thunderous thighs and loving arms, please?? (buckteeth and dimples)
Ink: i already knew it anyway cause i want to brush your hair. i got my brush for you see??
Feather: oh that's a girl brush. so sissy like.
Ink: this is not...(laughing hard) it's just your face was like ooooh noooo.
Feather: (laughing) you know what i'm saying...give me a lean back and up smooch
Ink: (they look into each other eyes and smooched then she rubbed her lips back glossy) taste good?
Feather: like pineapples and kiwi with bananas. what you be eating?
Ink: wow you tasted my breakfast, lunch and sides all in one without even a burp. (smiling)
Feather: you a trip in a half out there then back on point with wisdom. see you the wise one.
Ink: oh fore real i try and you got some soft lips as well. what you be using?
Feather: neem toothpaste and that homemade soap i be putting together with the raw cocoa butter block i gets to melt it slightly into a small container and you know the rest.
Ink: oh you dip your fingers and smooth it on??
Feather: ummmhumm. i like the massage on my ears and forehead.
Ink: i know you have stress in those areas i can feel it. lean back she ain't gon' bite.
Feather: oh i know she don't boo but she be hot though.
Ink: why you so close to her then?
Feather: wait hold up Queen you told me to lean back and all that with the comment...(laughing) you be switching it up like no other.
Ink: i told you i got skills...awwwe your lips said smooch me again and i'm coming in smooching (and she does it playfully for a longtime even he thought it was forever just like he would...he finally met his match)
Feather: how are you like me so much?? and on that note i have a surprise for you. (she stops then looks up all of a sudden)

end of part four


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
part five (at home)

Ink: what you mean well what hold up fore real i'm tripping kind of speechless--
Feather: its on the bed in the back but i got dinner made out, can't you smell it?
Ink: ??????????? in the bedroom??? dinner???? what's up? (shaking her head confused and dazed)
Feather: so you the wisdom in my life so i kept you and now i must be wise and not knowledgeable about us to the world, get it?
Ink: ok. so i must be knowledgeable about us in a wise way?? like keep your intelligence supreme as i within like that?? like that is too much--
Feather: you can handle it of course so stop being a weenie. (laughing then getting up as his head was blazing with steam) man baby you darn near steam curled my waves. fore real????
Ink: (and she looked at him with one eyebrow up and smiled) stop getting me off track with your chess tactics and let's eat cause it smells good. (so they ate their last supper sitting beside each other of their night plus drank wine as tomorrow is not promised bringing them closer by the hours until they were one without time and space.)
Feather: i'm full to the gut boo and your hips growing.
Ink: (she almost choked on the last sip of wine) you are a trip so what is next?
Feather: let's get our pen and pad and all these books hue-mans read of called the holy texts...let's write our truth as apart of the whole truth perceptively fore the good of whole hearts completely selfless. want to form a nonprofit and move people??
Ink: you know what i was thinking the same thing plus i need to use the bathroom. be back and don't be looking at my sultry physique from behind....
Feather: oh i won't! (geah right. my eyes can peep without lusting na...dang baby boo is blessed with the illusion oh she trying to look back-)
Ink: oh i know you was looking cause my back got fired up. (small laughter as she posed purposely in front of the light like a stillofwet figure...she was my illusion i never told anyone about though when we kissed it was real...we was real)
Feather: nananana i wasn't even paying attention cause i was writing.
Ink: oh yeah??? ok lift the tablet up then so i can see the beautiful calligraphy??
Feather: (he stopped fore a moment and was like dang...he's never gonna win but he can try though especially with the marriage proposal without the governmental signature...he came to bring it!) well the pages--
Ink: (she shut the door before he could lie again with a funny purpose) i'll be out in a second.
Feather: glad she knows me inside and out...i'm so glad we are flames. Eh if you want to take a shower or bath the towels and washcloths are in the cabinet behind the door. i got the special handmade soap and raw chocolate melted on the sink.
Ink: (she was in the bathroom hearing all of it but thinking about the surprise though) i wonder what he got for me on the real. it better be something special well i know it is then again dang he is killing me softly with all of this i just wonder what is all this fore and the pen and pad stuff like he be having the same thoughts as me and all that and i don't know i am so confused girl calm your emotions check your silk panties dang they wet in the middle imma tell him i'm spending the night cause he already knows it anyway so here i go. (door opened slightly with her head peaking out) ok so let me take a bath then i'mma use some of the lavendar and mint oil--
Feather: go ahead sweet pea butter chips i'mma start writing and the laundry basket is--
Ink: i seen it and oh you writing now huh?? i gotcha!! (laughing then shutting the door back)
Feather: (he smiled and kept writing) i knew it...i knew it. guess them draws was damp after all huh? ummhmm outdone herself least my hair will smell like her though. oh i gotta get the massage oil for her feet well whole body out.
Ink: (she ran the water hot with the lavendar and mint droplets seeping into her body relaxed with her hair in the water soaked) he loves me true...he loves me plenty of lots...he loves me on acres of lots...he loves me he loves me he loves me...he just loves me (wiggling her turquoise painted toes with excitement smiling at the same time)
Feather: let me stop writing for a second and clean up the dishes and just straighten up before she gets out. dinner was great. the herbs was inviting to the soul. let me light the black rose incense up and just relax for a second while she gets out then i'm next in.
Ink: (still having a blast singing to herself soaked).......
Feather: oh shoot the bed full of rose petals and the surprise. the surprise!!!
Ink: what you say?? you said you gotta ride??? where you going?
Feather: nanana i said i have the surprise waiting. the surprise. (yelling a little)
Ink: oh ok. well i'm almost finished you got--
Feather: i got an african kimono for you in the bedroom waiting. its in the closet where your other stuff at.
Ink: other stuff??? what you got me baby??? you are too nice or something like what's the price boo?
Feather: nothing but us. i mean ain't that's enough or should i just--
Ink: just what?? don't think otherwise and i won't either. i apologize about taking you that far anyway. i crossed a boundary when you are real like me. now come get me, please????
Feather: (now he was not expecting that....) well nooooww i was not expecting that. but okay. okay! i can do it. you got your towel on?
Ink: what towel??? come get me as is baby i'm cold. (laughing to herself)
Feather: (still behind the door hearing her laugh but smiling he heard it though) ok let me get the surprise from the kitchen okay?
Ink: okay. but hurry boo i'm cold so cold...brrrrrr. (laughing in her head)
Feather: okay. i got a chilly ice situation of playfulness coming on to me hot just to plot me in the waters huh?? oh she hot and all knowing i might slip up in the tub but i got her though. i got her tests with the right answers and imma check her. (laughing)
Ink: come on boo i'm freezing....please. (smiling wide while squeezing the water out her hair)
Feather: okay!!! i'm coming. you still in??
Ink: yup.
Feather: (he opens the door up while holding the ice cold water with ice cubes swirling still behind his back) wow it smells so good up in here i wanna jump in too!!
Ink: i thought you would never ask so come closer baby. i love you. (smiling harder than she ever did before)
Feather: okay well close your eyes first cause i need to give you this and don't open it.
Ink: ok! wow this is so great!!! (clapping her hands)
Feather: (he got closer then slowly with the pitcher of ice cold cubed water then dumped it on her head fully) surprise BAAAAABEEEE!!!!
Ink: (without any movement of no chance of even escaping she held her breath as if the cold tundra came down on her) OOOHHHHH YOUUU!!!! ewwwwww wwweeee boy!!! it's on!!!! (she got out the tub bucket naked running for him)
Feather: (he ran too into the bedroom quicker then ducked underneath the bed on the otherside beside the window) ohhhh geah babeee!! (laughing so hard he can't catch his breath)
Ink: come out scardie cat....what the?????? (and she saw the bed full of rose petals red red deeper than love all over the bed with a wooden box enscribe to her standing there naked she sat down on the bed in much confusion like shock and curiosity combined) dayum baby come out for a second fore real.
Feather: (he popped up from behind the bed) is it spring time yet??
Ink: (she looked at him and smile) stop it. come over here please???
Feather: no doubt. and oh you like the turquoise, lavendar, or emerald green silk??
Ink: uuhhhh the lavendar one.
Feather: ok. (he got the silk african kimono robe off the hanger in the closet then sat beside her even though she was naked)
Ink: (he put it on her as she stood up) give me a hug and wrap your arms around my waist then tell me the first word on your mind now.
Feather: love.
Ink: and i do love you. (then she turned around and smooched him with a smile) thanks baby. i really appreciate you. so what's in the box?? and i like how you went out of your way to make a special night come true for us. you are truly special to me.
Feather: fore real??? (buckteeth and dimples)
Ink: for real.
Feather: well now what's in the box is a secret i kept for a longtime and so i needed it to be with you forever but don't open it until you get my code. i gotta find the code first. (geah now i got her checked and she don't even know it! i can't wait until those tears of joy run down her sweet cheeks and i get to lick them. this is the real savor on the real. yeeeesss!!!)
Ink: a code??? well how you gon' get it??
Feather: after we get on this pen and pad.
Ink: wow. so the code is on the pen and pad or just somewhere out there somewhere huh?? you be lying. i can see straight through you. you got the code. i know.
Feather: (laughing hard deeply inside it almost shows so he chokes it) naw baby i wish. but anyhow you want a massage with oil or you gon' do your own thang??
Ink: (she still looking at him like knives for eyes straight into his) okay. (and she smiles) no imma do this alone and you owe me a show too.
Feather: oh ok. well before getting back to the pen and pad then let me just strip down now and you slap my tar baby buns if they tight like that Queen wanna see ok?
Ink: (with a huge smile wider than the one before the other one and the first) and i show will too so let me see it. let me peek tonight and imma wash you too King.

end of part five....


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
(part six)

Feather: (all stripped down) you looking at me like you wanna love me tonight in a way feeling like--
Ink: nope but i will touch your body then rub my jewels and touch yours with a do you love me forever?(she was lips to lips upon him with the african kimono open body to body touching as she cuffed his jewels with one hand then the other hand on his stomach)
Feather: to the end sweet pea now you feeling better baby? cause your grip and space is fore real right about now. shall we go into the bathroom so you can wash me up right?? you promised....
Ink: (what??? i wanna--then she smiled all of a sudden) okay. you right you right. my mind went to another universe and it just came back. whoa!! umm um.
Feather: (smiling) you alright baby? you sure you alright?? i mean i can just relax in the tub while you get yourself a matter of fact just sit back and relax until i get out okay? we still gon' write though for at least an hour though. be back. (smiling hard as heck)
Ink: (he just don't know who he is messing with...) ok baby. see you when i get out...i mean when you get out.
Feather: (he turned around before closing the door and winked his eye with buckteeth smiling hard) love you...lalalalalalaaaa (door shut and water turns on)
Ink: i'm not going to make it i'm not going to make it. he knows he set me up but i'm stronger. yeah i am. i am. wow what is going on within me right now? okay. the box. let's hear something in it by shaking it. (she shook it but nothing clanked or bumped) what nothing moving??? oh he's good. real good. that's my boo though! tonight is going to be a night of a lifetime. i can see him really getting tired so let me get over here and start writing. let me see now which holy book we starting with first?? hmmmmm
Feather: (relaxed and soaked into the tub with a rag on his face) dang this feels so good it's dayum near better than is actually cause of the intensity plus the mixture of oils seeping into skin relaxing my senses. i can feel the properties of the herbs...(and he fell asleep steamed out)
Ink: why not the bible? well the qu'ran? hold many books he have?? dang he be reading. oh the genes coming out too great when i form them. yeap! i wonder if we can make our own gospel?? i'mma ask him--eh babe?? ever think or thought about us making our own gospel by traveling the world first or making stops in between and using the internet to post our books on the go and music???
Feather: (knocked out)................
Ink: babe?? babe??? now i know he heard the Queen's voice. let me check on him and make sure he ain't drown or nothing. (she gets up from the living room couch and walks with a purpose to the bathroom) babe?? King?? oh he steamed out. (smiling then gave him a smooch and gave him a bath while he slept)
Feather: (coming out of the steam nap) dang baby dat lavendar and mint plus the hot water! put me str8 out. i feel renewed though. thanks for washing me up. thanks. (he gave her a smooch)
Ink: so what's up for tonight cause those books are like too thick. how about a page tonight and we make up fore the rest another time like tomorrow, cool? you look too tired.
Feather: nana it's okay we can do you gon' sit in the tub with me??
Ink: you must be still sleeping cause i took one before you did remember??
Feather: (still in a dazed sort of) oh yeah. and he turns towards the basket with her stuff in it along with his. yeah you did. eh your panties were still--
Ink: ahhhh so we gon' sleep on top of the rose petals or under the sheets???
Feather: however you want it. it doesn't matter really cause it's just us on a level of just us sleeping together. nothing ain't gon' happen. you got my word.
Ink: (i think i might lose myself inside if he touches me body to body cuddled up) okay.
Feather: ok. i'm getting out cause i feel numb to the bone or something.
Ink: (yup we gon' freak tonight. all of sudden i just got weak cause his wet body is like killing me hard now dang keep your composure sistah!) dang baby you need some help?
Feather: nah it's alright but you can oil me up though. and i get you back tomorrow.
Ink: okaaaay. (sighing) jojoba with olive oil??
Feather: do it Queen. you the master of rubs.
Ink: (she smiles with pride) so tell many books have you read in your lifetime thus far??
Feather: i can't even count anymore to include people it would be over a hundred fore sure. probably close to two hundred.
Ink: wow! (then she kissed him on the ear while massaging his back standing up.) so you wanna start with the bible tonight?
Feather: that would be easier since we've been introduced to that from childbirth. too cool babe.
Ink: which chapter first??
Feather: ephesian then isaiah. in each of the books we need to be associated with the character and just play our role to pull the people into their roles too. everybody equal you know?? i want and need everybody to be equal. so you are the key. glad you my boo on the real. (and he grabs her, with his eyes close enjoying the massage, hands slowly and gently to wrap her around him and accidentally rubs her hands on his thang then left it there)
Ink: (wow i just failed the test...then again let me be stronger fore us and get my head out the gutta gosh...finally a King who loves me fore me and just as silly but serious the perfect mixture and imma make this go all the way strong...gosh his abs and back just melts me)

end of part six

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