Black Poetry : Conversation of Lovers


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
(Phone Conversation)

Feather: when i come down dry don't forget when we need to get wetted slowly from the tip and surface don't sex me tight keep uncut.
Ink: i'm always wet rippling when the universe in motion touch me unique founded on everywhere we forever in this twisted and looped.
Feather: when i come down lighter i takes my time switching position gently to the left then falling right it's like love suspended.
Ink: i'm darker than indigo the hues around you the nile river formless where pakhet lives i go further i go wherever we meet.
Feather: how many lines i have to be still in you warm and true?
Ink: how many times can you dip before you break?
Feather: depending on how many times i deep dive dripping forever moist ready to impress onto life.
Ink: without me you wouldn't exist.
Feather: without me you wouldn't exist.
Ink: so when you coming down??
Feather: maybe whenever i gain some weight.
Ink: so i'm not enough or too much or what you mean???
Feather: i'm just's about me nothing personal.
Ink: okay so you don't want to write of me or with me or even--
Feather: even what??
Ink: you know...
Feather: no i don't...
Ink: why you don't??
Feather: cause i'm not a mind reader.
Ink: see why you ain't there like not there?
Feather: what??? i'm always there what you talking about??
Ink: you getting an attitude or what? you got something to say?? be a lover.
Feather: oh you gotta go there every time trying to pull me down--
Ink: what?? pull you down?? whatever i'm trying to hook-up with you but you missing the point--
Feather: oh my head in the skies floating on by cause up here it's real...oh it's real when i come down with it though i won't tell you.
Ink: what you mean about all of that...?? (small laughter)
Feather: i mean i gotta do me to uplift myself and need no proving to nobody not even you though i love you.
Ink: fore real??? wait a minute what you say??? you thought--
Feather: i said you beautiful in the most ultimate refreshingly way knowing it is a lie though i gave you my best as you are beautiful but-
Ink: but what???
Feather: just saying i don't need to say you beautiful all the time and all when the hearts beat regardless, am i the right love for us?
Ink: i did all of this come from??!?! gosh why it's gotta be like this?? i need a real--
Feather: what??? real what or who and why when and how?? don't worry you gon' leave me regardless.
Ink: ok well since it's like that and you talking like it's over--
Feather: nah i didn't say it like that i was just expressing myself--
Ink: so what you saying??
Feather: nothing i guess. imma stay quiet.
Ink: i didn't say all that and why you gotta be so low?
Feather: i be darn if i do and be darn if don't...i need peace of mind
Ink: wow so i'm not a piece of mind or peace? you okay???

end of part one.

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