Black Poetry : Conversation of Lovers


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Nov 23, 2007
Come away with me my secret love
Come away with me to our secret fantasy
Take my hand. I'll lead you there
Shh your secrets are safe with me

My secret love
I crave to be in that secret fantasy
But I am scared to let go
and blindly take your hand
My secrets I am hesitant to share

Baby it's okay
Close your eyes
Don't be afraid
For I am your escape
Leave your worries behind
please don't be hesitant

You make it sound so easy
to just run away

Baby believe me it's okay

Aren't you worried?
Do you have any care?

Baby with you I have no fear
I have no worries
And yes I care
I care for you

I care for you too
and I want to escape with you
But how do I forget?
How do I not be hesitant?

Its not easy
I know, I see
But believe me my love
When I take you on this fantasy
You also will see you should leave with me

I want to believe my love
and fly in your arms
I want to see
Should I go on this fantasy

Then Baby lets go
Fly in my arms
Let me carry you away
I promise I won't let anything happen to you on the way
Just trust in me you will see
and Baby remember your secrets are safe with me

I will take your hand
I will close my eyes
I want you so bad
I will fly in your arms
Carry me away
All my secrets I will tell
Take me away to our secret fantasy

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