Black Poetry : Conversation at the Club

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    Conversation at the Club

    Got on a three piece ready to release some love talk the
    way a thug walk in the club begin my love see a chick in
    skirt with a quick flirt started to think silly ordered a bud
    for drinkability the DJ dispatch heat while he scratched the
    beat a globe in the ceiling be a strobe light revealing our clothes
    as spots of beauty shown, romance galore as the dance floor fill
    with folks lots of thrills hope to find a partner, just ate some solid
    food so my hydraulics lubed ready to cut a step, sitting at the bar
    getting bazaar peep at waitresses flaws in society cause anxiety but
    it appear peace is in here tonight, atmosphere is sincere and great hope
    it don’t deteriorate one fight could cause tons of fright so nobody bought
    guns right? It could be some drastic vapor like acid on paper stir up at this
    party wanna one night stand got to have the the right plan stayed up all night
    man just to come up with words, now with this love rap thing I was ready to
    flap my wing and fly high and try to pull a chick girl got hips true checking
    as I sip my brew “look boo are you wet and alone let me take you home bet
    you got strong sex, your lip glare make me trip and stare it’s not fair if we
    don’t leave together”
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    Here's a conversation, and a wink...
    but it's not exactly what you think.

    I don't do the "one night stands",
    nor is that in a real spiritual man.

    yes, you can surely get my sex
    if you can answer what's coming next:

    Life is special, so be careful in selecting what you get
    or ....
    Do you rather choose to play the deadly game...Rushen Roulette?
    Your Move :D
    Nice piece poet, I enjoyed the flow.​